DU Speed Booster The Best App to Boost Your Smartphone Speed


July 25, 2014AndroidNo comments


DU Speed Booster is meant to protect your smartphone. It’s an app that comes with free built in security features. It protects the phone data from theft, potential virus attacks, hacking and offer a lot more.  It is capable of boosting up the speed of the phone to 60% and cleans up all the unwanted files from the phone hence increasing the storage space. The app has been developed by the creators of DU BATTERY SAVER, one of the leading battery savers and power managers in the world who can extend the battery of your phone up to 70%.

DU Speed Booster The Best App to Boost Your Smartphone Speed:

Here are some features of the DU Speed Booster:

  • Powerful booster: It can increase the speed of your android phone up to 60%.
  • Easy working: Just a single touch is required and it saves you time as well as effort.
  • Effective: It is capable of scanning every corner of your phone’s storage and it can even clean up the SD Card for optimizing the system efficiency.
  • Smart: The cleaning is automatic.

The app has got a user friendly interface. The background is attractive and eye catching and it just works in a single touch. You can switch to different options easily. It’s available in more than 10 languages. The app has an animated floating icon known as Spaceship. It is located on the home page.  DU Speed Booster is designed in such a way that users will find it pleasing to interact and use the application.

There is a Trash Cleaningfeature too that can boost up the speed of the Android phone. It works by cleaning up all the files of uninstalled applications and unused files, which are stored in the phone after the app is installed. Your smartphone stays clean, secured as well as fully spacious to let you do anything you want.