Dreamworld My Greatest Discovery on Apple App Store


January 12, 2014Android iPhoneNo comments


If one would say that the current technology has opened the door to new surprises then it will not be wrong and I realized this fact when I was exploring the smart apps on Apple app online store. We all know that different kinds of apps are available online. Some of them offer information whereas some of them offer entertainment but I also found some other apps with amazing functionality on Apple app online store. One of them was Dreamworld, which is an amazing creation by Ophir Paz.

Dreamworld Great Features:

When I started exploring this app, it said all about humanity by condemning the self interest trait. According to the developer, we all are living the life that we are compelled to inherit. This life does not focus on self exploration, proper nutrition, etc. He said that if someone does not want to live this life then it is possible by having some meditation.

Dreamworld is an app, which is all about the music. It has songs, which can become the best source of meditation. These songs are soothing and can give peace to mind. They are capable of expressing the thoughts, which words cannot. In simple words, if someone is looking for ultimate relaxation then this is the right app for him.


I thought that this unique app will be available for just iPhone but to my amazed besides iPhone users, all the iPad and iPod Touch users can also enjoy using this app on their gadget, as this app requires iOS 5.1 or later. Thus, using this app on any of these gadgets is possible only when you have 97.4 MB memory space in your gadget.


The best price about this app is that it is available for free. I neither have to pay anything for downloading this app nor using it.

Without wasting much time, I downloaded this app. The major reasons behind my decision were my curiosity and its free availability.  Today, I think my decision was right, as I love listening to these meditative songs and feel quite relaxed. If you are also looking for some positive change in your life then you must get this app.

You can free download Dreamworld on your iPhone and Android Deice from iTunes and Google Play Store respectively.


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