Do Mobile Browser Apps have a Place in Today’s Smartphone Ecosystem?


September 23, 2016AndroidNo comments

When you hear of services destined to be used on the go, you most likely think of native apps, designed to run on a specific smartphone operating system. Apps are not only trendy, but they seem to have become the new norm – apps are relatively easy to create today, easy to deploy, and can be monetized efficiently. There’s still one problem with them, though – they are often available on one operating system, as an exclusive, making them unavailable for large groups of users because of… reasons. Reasons that are known only by the developers most of the time.

Selling points for specific phones

Sometimes apps are built to make a specific phone – or a specific smartphone OS – more desirable for buyers. Much like in the case of gaming consoles, sometimes users can enjoy specific software and games on iOS only, while others run on Android-powered phones and nothing else. Sometimes they are used as selling points for specific phone models, too. Samsung, for example, has introduced its own app marketplace called Galaxy Apps, with tons of exclusive content. In an app market as crowded as it is today, this makes smartphone OSs and individual brands stand out – but leaves millions of users with no access to certain apps and services. Which is a bit unfair, if you ask me.

Cross-platform is here

Instead of focusing on specific OS or brand, some developers try to bring their services and apps to as wide an audience as possible. This is a trend most often seen in a less discussed branch of the gaming industry: real money gaming. Gaming destinations like the euro palace casino offer their players a massive collection of games that they can play without having to download a thing. All games at the Euro Palace run in a mobile browser capable of displaying HTML5 content, no matter what operating system the phone may run. Which makes it universally accessible.

Ever since the first smartphone casinos appeared in the early 2010s, the Euro Palace has tried to offer its players a mobile experience as similar to the one on the desktop as possible. Aside from using the same credentials to access their accounts, the Euro Palace allows its players to make deposits and withdrawals on the go. Besides, they can enjoy a continuously growing game library of games that are also available for desktop users. This way, players can not only play the same games on virtually any device but do so in the same secure and easy to use environment.

Native vs. browser apps

Native apps certainly have a lot of advantages, but browser apps are often easier to deploy – and most importantly they don’t need downloadable updates. This makes them a worthy alternative for many purposes, universally available on any smartphone out there.