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The next generation for the Mac recovery system has finally arrived. It is applicable under these versions of Mac; 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8. It has never been easier to recover or delete your files on your Mac using 321Soft Data recovery for Mac. It is basically designed to recover lost, deleted or even formatted files from hard drives, iPods, Memory Cards, USB flash drives, mobile devices, or any other portable storage devices. 321Soft Data Recovery for Mac involves a step by step tour for the ease of use for its users. Are you ready to recover your important data?

Go on then, follow the following easy steps:

1)    Choose what medium you want to recover your data from. Or what is your actual data loss problem.

2)    Select the volume of data from which you want to recover your data.

3)    Choose the recovery mode.

4)    Click on the check option for your selected options and start the quick scan.

5)    After the scan is complete, simply save the recovered files.

Recovery platforms:

Hard disk recovery has made the recoverability of data more easily and more efficiently. You can even recover your files when your computer cannot boot or windows /Mac don’t even start. Not even OS but also devices like MP3/MP4 Player, Mobile, compact flash cards, digital cameras and much more other portable devices are made easy when comes to recovering your data or have a backup.

This software gets you the use that you don’t even need to have a back up! In fact to err is a human. So being a human, recover everything of your lost data, even the most important of your documents like xml sheets, emails, HTML files, pictures, PDF, music, HD videos, office files, and more.

mac data recovery software

More Unique Features:

Wipe Data:

Now, if you want to completely remove the data from your hard disk or from any other platforms then what should you do? Wipe Data provides you the functionality of wiping clean the data in such a way that it is irretrievable.

Quick Scan:

The quick scan helps you search scan robustly with 321Soft Mac Data Recovery’s quick scan.

Deep Scan:

This feature helps in deep scanning with the help of deep searching and scanning algorithm.  It helps in recovering files on all kinds of systems including HFS+, HFS EXT2/3, FAT, and NTFS. Deep scan should be used in more intense cases.

Clone Partition Or Drive:

Clone partitioning is a feature that helps you to clone your hard disk even when it is at risk or have bad sectors. Clone partition helps you recover your data by making a clone that provides the backup of your necessary data that can be lost.

Comprehensive RAID support:

Helps in RAID support .You can easily build up a broken RAID System using comprehensive RAID support feature. It is mainly important when the controllers of your system have stopped functioning and the drives are still working. The simple way that you can recover your data back is by attaching the drive to another system and rebuilding the RAID and recovering your data.

You can download Mac Data Recovery Software from here.

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