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Android has given a chance to perceive your smart phones through a new prospective. World of smart phones have become much smarter after the production of Android as operating system.  There are lots of reasons which could result in accidental loss of some important data.  You must be aware of the tools that can provide a chance to recover all of your deleted data.  Is there any chance of recovery of data from Android Phone?

Many people would give different answers to you. Some will say that it is not possible to recover data once it is lost from your android set but some will give you a hope that data recovery software can help to regain all kinds of data from your android phones.  So, which of the view is right and should be trusted?  Real answer can be yes, no or don’t know?

On the basis of facts, recovery of the data from android phones depends on the location and type of data. Files saved on the internal phone memory can’t be recovered. There is no chance for the recovery of such files unless you have the backups.  Files saved on the external memory can be recovered easily from any kind of data recovery tool. The chances of recovery are 100% if the files lost are not over-written or damaged.

Photo Recovery is a kind of data recovery tool for the android devices. This software is able to recover videos, pictures and music files from any of the android based handsets such as Google Nexus, HTC, galaxy etc.  So, if you have lost multiple files then this software is recommended for any kind of data recovery.  This software is easy to handle and use. Here is a step to step guideline for the use of data recovery tool.

  • Connect your phone with the PC. You can either directly connect your phone or take the card out and connect it with help of a card reader. Card reader will get inserted to the USB port of your computer.
  • Open the software and start scanning for the lost files from your external memory.  The process may take time.
  • You will be provided with an option to check the preview of files. This preview can be used for the checking the file which may be the lost one.
  • The software will search and evaluate a list of different kinds of old and new files on your external hard disk.
  • From the list, you can preview and check your desired files.
  • After previewing, press the recover button for your desired file.

You must create back up of all the data of your android system. Keeping a backup will you to get rid of any recovery tool and manage to gain lost files easily without any kind of tension. It is better for the people so that they can manage the best things for them. Go for it so that you may be able to have a safe hand for your system.

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