Customize Your Contacts as Cheerful Avatars with Buddycon Plus

by Ehsan on April 20, 2012


Do you feel bored looking at the same wallpaper in your Android device? Are you tired of calling your friends through the same old dial mechanism? Why not make your wallpaper lively? Why not make your calls a fun-filled activity? Surprised? Well, here is a cool app named ‘Buddycon Plus’ that lets you to do all such stuff.

Buddycon Plus is a new version of Buddycon. It is an android app that brings your android screens to life by letting you customize your contacts as cheerful avatars with their own faces or through the given boy/girl images or with different kinds of avatars including animals, super heroes and more.

Customization of avatars is not only limited to the photos. You can choose your own colorful clothes for the avatars and dress them up. You can also create personalized call-screen backgrounds and make your avatars interact on the home screen.

You can create your buddies’ avatars through the Buddycon settings option. By clicking on it, you could import photos or set new faces. Images can be imported from the device’s gallery where you can tweak your friends’ face with the built-in paintbrush.

Once you are finished with your customization, you can set the live wallpaper. Your contact avatars will walk around on the screen of your Android device! When you tap on any of the avatars, different options like email, speed dial, Google Talk, Play a game and Pin your contact on the live wallpaper, will appear on the screen. You can select any of the required options. You can also spend your leisure time by playing with your avatars on the screen.

Though this app has a great customization, it did not work on my Sony Ericsson Xperia. So I had to re-install again in my HTC to get it to work.

With a good range of options, Buddycon Plus makes the communication process very easy and fun. You would not get bored or feel lazy to call your friends anymore. You will feel entertained even if you are away from your friends. The app offers many funny effects, that definitely would keep any person occupied for hours. This is a free app and it requires a Android version of 2.2 and above.

You can free download Buddycon App from Google Play here.


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