Create Interactive Online Video Presentations with Knovio iPhone App


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Few years back, to create online video presentations, which can be informational for students or compelling for clients, was just next to impossible. The reason was lack of technology. However, with every passing day, technology became more advance and lots of gadgets and apps came into existence to facilitate the users.

Create Interactive Online Video Presentations:

These days, creating these informational and compelling online video presentations is not a big issue. Just get a gadget to record information and use Knovio to make your desired online video presentations. Well I did this with my iPad. Do you know iPad has its in-built video camera and microphone? You can use that camera and microphone to record your documentary to add into your presentation like I did. Apart from this, you can first create your online video presentation with Knovio and can later on add narrations by using your microphone. By using this approach, you cannot only give demo to promote your service but can also teach an entire course without facing any difficulty. Try to be creative and use Knovio in hundreds of ways.

Here you must be thinking what Knovio is and from where you can get it for how much. It is basically a productive iOS app available on Apple app online store for free. This app is compatible with iOS 7.0 or later, which is why you can use this app only on iPad. The space required to store this app in gadget is just 47.2 MB.

Your second concern be how to use Knovio. Do not worry, as using this amazing app is quite simple and you can access it by following two steps, which are:

  1. Open any power point presentation by using Knovio. You can open your presentation files from your email or cloud storage as well via using Knovio.
  2. Record the video or audio by turning on your iPad camera or microphone respectively.

The best part is that you can edit your presentation and can also share it on social media sites via Knovio. You can free download Knovio iPhone app from apple app store.

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