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Smilies have always been used to spice up virtual messages sent through mediums such as emails, instant messages and even text messages by means of the internet or cellular phones. With the use of the same smiles over and over again, many users have found that there are many emotions which cannot be expressed by means of the very same old smiles. Introducing the Emoji Me Pro iOS app, it is a uniquely designed application which enables users to design their very own emoticons and smiles for personal as well as custom use in virtual messages.

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Emoji iPhone App Features:

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Emojis technically mean ‘picture letters’ in dictionary terms. With this app you can get to create emojis of yourself or your friends.  There are options to edit as well as save, create and save your customized emoticons. Sharing options are not simply restricted to sending them via email or messaging, but they can be directly uploaded on social networking websites such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

A large variety of fonts and colors are also available amongst the editing options which enable users to properly customize their emojis. Additionally they get the option to alter the background of the emoji before sending it off to the recipient. Various templates are also added amongst the list of features present in order to alter and spruce up the overall layout and appearance of the emoji.

The pro version of the app includes many additional features. These include but are not limited to backgrounds and templates which can be altered whilst sending the emoji. Plus with the pro version, users get to avail a much larger (rather unlimited) storage space for their custom emojis.

There are a couple of tutorials provided which can help new users get through the process of understanding the basics of the whole emoji making process. The tutorial is simple and easy to follow which enables users to easily grasp the idea of the process.

Customer Reviews:

Customers who have used the app state that with Emoji Me Pro they have been able to add a lot more color and expression into their previously ‘bland’ and ‘inexpressive ‘ messages. The simple and direct processes are also a highly lauded feature. Moreover, the impressively smooth and easy to follow interface is one of the key features to why it has a massive user base.

The app can be found in the iTunes store for only $1.99. Compared to what the app can do, this is dirt cheap. You can download it from iTunes here.

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