Cosmic Cow Best Game

Cosmic Cow is an extremely unusual amusement for me. It’s additionally had smooth representation of graphics. There are different tricks available for players to advance through the levels. The best thing about this app is that, we can watch the recordings and video to gain coins and purchasing additional lives or diverse characters with in-application buys. Cosmic Cow provides a smooth, bright illustration which adds additional satisfaction to game play. Game music is quick and perky, simply the right sort of foundation to keep players concentrated on taking out the intruders.

The story of the Cosmic Cow is that Cosmo the Grandiose Dairy animals shield the Earth against aliens with space rocks as missiles. Every character has a mystery weapon, and there are thirty distinct creatures. The player controls the character, either sliding their left thumb move them all over the screen or by tapping, while their privilege ought to remain solidly on the fire catch button. Energy is given by brilliant nourishment, for example, gelatos and doughnut rings, which additionally must be discovered. Lives are measured by what number of assault players survive. Numbers are recompensed for effective hits and can be traded for lives for later use in the game.

You can free download Cosmic Cow Android Game from Google Play Store.