Control Your Android Device From Your Computer via Web PC Suite


July 5, 2014AndroidNo comments

Life would be easier if you can control your Android phone from your laptop or PC. For people like us, this would be a blessing that we can easily manage our phone too when we are on our PC or laptop. This will be a total hands free kind of situation.

Web PC Suite Cool Feature:

Above told situation is pretty idealistic but the good news here is that it is truly possible!

Yes, with the help of Web PC Suite, you can actually direct your phone from the PC. You can perform the following tasks via Web PC Suite app:

–          Transfer your files easily without connecting any USB data cable. You can even download the files from the phone to the computer. Everything gets done within no time.

–          You can play the music from your Android phone by controlling it from your PC.

–          From the internet on laptop, you can do things and changes on your Android phone.

Control Android Device from Computer via Web PC Suite App

–          With this software, you will not be required to connect your web via USB. Just Scan QR Code and connect your phone with the laptop with WIFI.

–          With the Web PC Suite, you can transfer files in between your other gadgets easily. Transfer to iPad, iPhone, Mac, or any Android device at a time with speed is also possible.

–          With this app, you can see your content on the big screen of your PC or laptop. Moreover, you can perform your working tasks with the keyboard on your PC easily.

–          The Batch operation makes things easy for the users.

The amazing app is available for free at the Play Store. The good thing is that it has no ads. For using it on computer, you need no installation. The app supports all the browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc. The most interesting thing is that you can log into the Scan QR Code without any password.