Connect Social Map and Address Book iPhone App


July 14, 2014Apps iPhoneNo comments

Do you and your friends are always on the go? Do you want to keep yourself updated with the location of your friends to surprise them? All you need is this Connect app, which connects you with your friends and loved ones.

Connect Social Map and Address Book iPhone App:

The app has so amazing feature that it connects your entire friends circle present at the social media websites like Instagram, Foursquare, Gmail contacts, Facebook, etc. You will get to know that where are your friends present at the moment.

With this app, you can send messages to your friends, call them, and can check into the places or cities, where you going. Move around the world and get to know about your friends too.

The other attractive features of this app are:

–          You can check in with your personal photo.

–          Get all the contacts matched in the network and in your hand or pocket.

–          Whenever any friend comes to your area, you will get the alert through this app.

–          You will get to know that where your friends have visited and in which area they are living right now.

–          You can search your friends with their school name, job title, and other details.

–          If any of the friends will post status that they were near your place or near your area, then you will be notified about it.

–          The map will show you all of your friends.


The app is available for free and the new version is updated all the time. The user interface is updated all the time. Any of the bugs present are fixed for the convenience of the users.

This app is the most wanted thing for your iPhone now so that you will connect to your friends all the way. Download the Connect app in your phone today!