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On the eve of holidays and long-awaited trip, many people wonder, “How to get ready for a trip and don’t forget anything?” Very often packing for a trip takes a lot of time and forces.

uPackingList Android Apps Features:

This difficult problem has a solution, and it is uPackingList Android application, developed by NIX Solutions. With uPackingList Android app you can easily pack all necessary things, and most importantly don’t miss out all you need!
I think it’s time to get ready for a trip. Decide for yourself where to go this time!

uPackingList Android app meets us with a welcome screen, which reflects a few steps to create a list and use it for packing for the trip. The main screen contains four of the most necessary buttons: new list, open the list, pack and edit.
Immediately app prompts you to enter the list name you want to create. It can be changed at any time. Catalog of items is very extensive and well thought out. To mark the item and add it to the list – just tap on it. The tick will appear. You can use search button to find a specific item. If you can’t find some item you can add it yourself.

Checkout cool screenshot’s of uPackingList Android Apps:


Newly created item will be marked as added to the list automatically. It is very convenient, because you will not need to look through the list again. In addition there is the possibility of minimize categories.

Now we can start packing. Click on the package screen and start to add items into a suitcase. Check off the items which are already packed. Just tap on it. It helps you to focus on those items that are not packed into a suitcase yet.
It is important to mention that, you can add a quantity and a note to the item. It is very convenient!

You can free download uPackingList Android Apps from Market here.


By Scanning below QR Code.

Read more about QR Code and how it works.

Another pleasant surprise is that you can change the background image of application. For the time being available only two themes.

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Have a pleasant and successful trip!

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