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We were all kids some time ago. Like all kids we LOVED to play at war. We imagined having our own invincible armies; we led them to win the greatest battles in the world! We were almighty and great. Then somehow we stopped imagining… Now it’s time to recall those great times with Kynetix new hit game Chapayev! Discover this checkerboard fun transformed into a real-life military campaign and become a great military Commander once more! Be almighty again to kick enemies off the battlefield with one touch!
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Chapayev Hot Released Hit Game:

Chapayev is not just another checkerboard game. Kynetix delivers more with its games: along with classic addictive game play and incredible graphics you’ll be plunged into a realistic military campaign of 20 explosive battles recreating the spirit of the REAL World War I overland, in the air and at sea. Arty replicas of REAL military machines, armor and ammunition bring true joy to your eyes. Take a few seconds to enjoy the authentic sounds of Russian songs.

Simply Addictive Gameplay:
The gameplay is classic. Fans of checkers will delight in Chapayev game transfer of the classic board game to a lasting mobile experience. The player’s aim is to knock all the opponent’s pieces off the board while keeping as many of one’s own as possible. Though it’s not about just sliding checkers, you should act strategically to win and get the highest score, as there are several kinds of weaponry with different features. As a real Commander one should always consider the physics and recoils, count the opponent’s moves and foresee the shrapnel blast area to turn the bombs against the enemy – not your own troops.

Checkout Screenshot:

Chapayev Hot Released Hit GameChapayev Hot Released Hit Game

Why You Will Definitely Love Chapayev – Key Game Features:

• Authentic one-of-a-kind gameplay – just simply addictive;
• Artistic sketched design with elements of woodcarving;
• Replicas of antique machinery, ammunition and military outfits of the beginning of the XX century;
• 20 explosive battles-levels recreating the spirit of the REAL World War I battles overland, in the air and at sea;
• Jimmie the Crazy Skull’s courageous troops – tons of fun;
• Facebook one-touch publishing;
• Exclusive weaponry – each with a manually drawn design and its own physics and gameplay style;
• Surprising game twists and hidden obstacles requiring a considered strategic campaign to win contrasting disarming simplicity of gameplay.
So get into Chapayev shoes – face a fierce army of crafty enemies and overrun them all with your own brilliant strategy!

You can free download Chapayev from Android Market here.

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