CES 2012 Mobile App Awards Showdown


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Last week people voted on the best mobile apps of 2012.  The winner of the entire competition is not the flashiest or most complex app on the market, but a rather simple, free, and highly useful one.  Magisto, from makers at SightEra Technologies, turns basic video capture into Youtube ready movies with the touch of a button.  The winner of the popular vote was the Macaw health monitor app, and also as a clever and useful health monitor app one would expect it to top the charts.  However, the widespread use and impact on daily life of Youtube videos may justify the overall winner as a user-friendly video editor.

There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles to the Magisto app, it pretty much does simple edits and adds a soundtrack to the video.  But it is the simplicity that makes this app stand out, and begs the question, “Will this app become a pre-ship, default app?”

Another frontrunner in the race was the safe driving app, SecuraFone.  This app, also free, will literally save lives in the future.  It’s most useful for people with driving teenagers and elderly parents, as it enables you to receive alerts if anyone on your service is in danger, and to prevent them from dangerous activities like texting while driving, or needs medical attention.  An electronic perimeter alert can let you know when anyone on your service is venturing beyond a certain line and also if they are speeding while driving.  Though this can be a pretty severe leash to tether to anyone, a lot of danger exists out on the road and keeping your loved ones safe is the ultimate priority.

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