Cell Phone GPS Tracking


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Cell Phone GPS Tracking is the technologies that utilize cell towers to aid in locating positions and people will now be incorporated in attires and other objects. These devices can be used by family members to locate patients with Alzheimer’s disease or even toddlers for that matter.

We have all heard of spyware applications that can be used to monitor people or keep an eye on them. The major company names are Mobistealth or Flexispy and they are getting increasingly popular as more and more parents, employers and spouses use this to keep an eye on their person of interest. But let’s face it: toddlers won’t be carrying around cell phones will they??

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Cell Phone GPS Tracking:

To combat this issue, many companies including medical device manufacturer Boston Scientific have made contracts with known wireless carriers to make these new devices. A research firm known as ABI Research has approximated that the market for Cell Phone GPS Tracking devices will augment 40% or more per year and $1 billion in just five years.

The wireless companies are surely content with this decision to expand the Cell Phone GPS Tracking services for different Phones like Blackberry Tracking; iPhone Tracking and Android tracking. Surely they’re backing this notion up as they are in search of more ways to make money beyond transmitting data along their networks for tablets and smartphones. Head of AT&T’s upcoming devices team, Glenn Lurie, states that they think this is the single biggest growth opportunity and that every device is connected.

This device can be used by family members to track down toddlers or parents with Alzheimer’s. Military medics or doctors can make good use of it to track down health conditions without the person even finding out. EKG readings, heart rate, body temperature, stress or dehydration levels can be monitored of for instance recently released patients or soldiers on hazardous tasks.

Cell Phone GPS Tracking

A setback to this is that these devices aren’t cheap for the customers. They require a onetime cost along with a subscription plan that goes from $10 to $40 per month. Emergency medical alert systems have been always around but on restricted level and that too dependable on a telephone landline. The novel products are way more efficient in localizing people, Cell Phone GPS Tracking down motion and transmitting information in real time to parents, doctors or other caregiver. Obviously, what’s the use of information if it reaches after nothing can be done?

Daniel Graff-Radford who is the vice president of sales for Omnilink, a Cell Phone GPS Tracking device maker, stated that GPS alone would only function if you are outside and have a good view of the sky. Combined with GPS, one requires sensors and cell towers and also the proper software to locate the cell towers and satellite.

So what exactly would these GPS devices be incorporated in to? An alert device about the size of Tic Tac can be installed in a car or can be work around the neck. This device is made by Omnilink and sold by the Alzheimer Association. Aetrex is a shoemaker that can insert the device into customer made shoes. There is also AmberWatch GPS that is uses almost the same technology and enables school going children to clip it to their backpack. Not every child is given a cell phone by parents at a young age and they still need to be monitored. With Cell Phone GPS Tracking devices now available in shoes and backpacks, Cell Phone GPS Tracking has been made much convenient for parents, concerned loved ones and doctors.

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