Cat and Kitten Sound iPhone App for Cat Lovers


July 14, 2014Games iPhoneNo comments

Everyone loves cats, as they are the most loveable pets that we have at home. They are cute, clean, and little creatures with some adorable attitude that we can hardly resist of.

Cats are very much playful as well. Kids love them and the elders love to have them around. So, if you have a cat or kitten as a pet too, then you should try having this iPhone app in your phone. The Cat and Kitten Sound is an app that every cat lover should have in his phone.

Cat and Kitten Sound iPhone App for Cat Lovers:

The app contains more than 40 real voices of the cats and kitten. These voices are same adorable, sweet, tuneful, amusing, and cute sounds of the cats and kittens. You will even find the sounds of angry cats as they growls when they are in bad mood. You can also make your pets confused by playing these sounds. Also, the kids can be happy to hear these sounds, as they find these sounds funny and interesting.

The brilliant features of this app are:

–          It can play different sounds.

–          It will make your pets more playful.

–          You will find 40 sounds of cats in it.

–          It is available for absolutely free.

The app is so well created that you will not feel like it has some fake voices. They are professionally made and the collection is huge.

The new version of Cat and Kitten Sound is also available in the App Store, which is bug free and is being offered with the better presentation. The app is improving on regular basis, which makes it to load quicker and works efficiently.

You can also use this app to do pranks with your friends when they are sleeping and they have no cat at home. Make them feel that they may have some cat around them; it will be a totally fun thing but make sure that your fun may not harm them in any case.