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call snap android appCall Snap is the unique and interesting app that helps you to inform your friends and family that you can’t pick up their Phone for some reason. So many times it happens that we are in the situation that we can’t respond to the Phone or text messages. To let your friends and family instantly know that what’s the reason of not picking the call use Call Snap app. The Call Snap app is the perfect app to use for the business man if they are in the meeting and they get a call they can instantly send them the text message with the picture and the location that he is busy and is unable to attend the call.

CallSnap Android App Unique Features:

This is so many other apps that allows you to tell the person who is calling you that why you are not giving the response to the call but Call Snap is the first app in the Play Store introduced by TIP Solutions Inc that allows you to combine your picture with the text message and the location to the person who is calling you to inform him the reason. You can also send an instant recording to the person who is calling . These are the unique features that are only provided by Call Snap.

• Combine your pictures with text message

• Instant Record the Voice Message.

How to use the Call Snap Application:

When your phone rings you have to touch the icon that is going to appear on the center of the screen. IF you are in the situation that you cant attend and give the response to the call than Slide the Call Snap Icon. You have two options either Slide on the left side to give the response by sending the picture and the text message to the caller or Slide right to give response through the Voice message option.

Call Snap is easy and fun to use app. You just have to slide in the direction either left or in the right. Call Snap has the user friendly interface you are not going to get any problem in using the app. Download CallSnap Android App from Google Play here.


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