CairnStory A Utilitarian App For Travel Enthusiasts

by Ehsan on November 30, 2011


Today I am reviewing CairnStory, an app I recently found at the Apple iTunes Store. It helps users make a travelogue and share their travel experiences with others. This utilitarian app has a multitude of interesting features, which I have tried my best, to explain below.

CairnStory lets you write your travel records and share it with people. You can also read the travel stories of others and use it for your reference. And while you are traveling, you can mark various destinations on the way by means of photos, videos, voice clips and travel records.

This app works on GPS technology. To let others know about the route you took, you can actually draw a path along the way you traveled, using the GPS information. You can organize and share information using their website available at Images, videos and voice clips can be shared with other users through Facebook and Twitter.

CairnStory is the perfect app to record your hiking, riding and trekking adventures. You can track the distance you have traveled from the time you started on your trip till the very end. Locations can be marked on Google Maps with icons. You can upload your files to the CairnStory website and retrieve them when required.

This app is a convenient travel tool as it lets you check the remaining distance and the estimated time required from the current location to complete your journey. There are 2 view modes available – map and dashboard. CairnStory even lets you publish an exciting 3D travel record using Google Earth Touring.

CairnStory is perfect for those enthusiastic globetrotters who enjoy telling others about their adventures. I wasn’t able to find any demerits in this app though I must admit that making use of GPS continuously consumed a whole lot of battery power.

Download CairnStory now and get ready to do your sharing on the move!


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