ByPost Postcard Maker iPhone, iPad App


July 10, 2014Apps iPhoneNo comments

Everyone wants to keep the good memories with him or her. We all take photos to see them later in our free time or to recall our loving memories. No doubt, those photos are the best way to remember the good memories and to stay happy.

ByPost Postcard Maker is the must-have app in your iPhone, which will help you in recalling the loving memoires in the most loving way. The app has the quality and gives you the feeling of using the real time postcards then the digital one. The app is available for free so that you can enjoy the best memories of your life without any hassle.

ByPost Postcard Maker Features:

You can create the postcard on any of your photos very easily by following these steps:

–          You can take a new photo or select the one from your iPhone library.

–          There are various themes available in this app so pick anyone as per the occasion.

–          You can also write the message that you want on your postcard.

–          Now, when you are satisfied with the appearance of your postcard, it is the time to send it.

See, the whole procedure is extremely easy-to-go and can be done within few minutes.

Earlier, creating postcards was only possible either by making them with hands or by purchasing the readymade one but the ByPost Postcard Maker has made it possible for us to make it by picking our favorite photos.

You can create some nice postcard by putting on your sister’s picture and wish her on her best day. Moreover, make one by placing your brother’s crazy photo and tease him on his birthday, put on the most favorite picture of your husband and wish him anniversary or birthday, get the funny picture of your friend and surprise him by making his postcard.

Doesn’t it sound most hilarious app ever. Download it today!