Build Your Dream Park with Prehistoric Park Android App


December 5, 2012AndroidNo comments

Now you can build the first theme park in the history of mankind. Yes, it is possible. Gear Games just launched Prehistoric Park building simulator app for Android pones. Prehistoric park app allows you to turn your boring caveman’s life into wonderful never ending holidays.
You get access to more than 200 different rides and attractions, fast-food stands, balloon vendors, exotic flowers, trees and other decorations – everything you need to make your theme park a unique place of fun and excitement. You’ll have to try different combinations of the rides, services and decorations to satisfy even the most demanding visitors. Prehistoric men can enjoy the park, be excited with attractions, become sad or angry and even start a brawl. You’ll have to hire employees to keep the park running while you are away. They will help you to pick up the trash, prevent fights and fix broken rides.
You can checkout real adventure of wild life in this game.

What makes our game different from most of other free-to-play city builders is that it’s more a simulator than a casual. We tried to save the spirit of the old Theme Park game from PC but at the same time we made a casual game conforming the mobile platform. And the second thing is that the game is fair free-to-play. That means that the players can pay to enhance their progress but whole of the game can be played without payments.
Enjoy video tour of Prehistoric Park.

Play with your friends and share your achievements! Compete with them to build the best amusement park!
Build the biggest and craziest prehistoric theme park ever! The prehistoric world is waiting for you! PLAY IT NOW!

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