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by Ehsan on July 27, 2011


Cyan Worlds, the makers of Myst, Riven, Uru, and other games that have pushed the outer limits of megs and gigs, have decided to take a break from the gargantuan and think small. They humbly announce their original new title Bug Chucker, a teeny, bugged-out, physics, puzzler aimed at the Android mobile market (previously released for iOS.) Bug Chucker is a unique artillery style addictive game for Android that unapologetic mixes small bugs with large planetary bodies for a gaming experience that rockets above and beyond simple earth-bound gravity games.

There is of course an obligatory story behind the game: The Galactic Bugship S.S. Treehugger, honored bastion and conveyor of the Great Tree, is under attack by the evil Sawz, the robotic minions of Lord Lahguh. Your mission is to help the dutiful bugs save their ship and preserve its precious cargo by ridding the universe of the Sawz, one galaxy at a time. Uh… it really makes no sense, but neither does slingshotting birds into egg-stealing pigs, living in rickety ice and wood structures, right?

The real point of this small, mobile distraction is to take artillery games where they’ve never gone before. Adding in orbital mechanics and gravitational physics makes launching a bug more than just a simple up and down exercise. Swing around planetary bodies to hit targets on the other side – but be careful or you may orbit all the way around and find your bug-missile homing in on your own ship.

If you think this is just about simple shooting, then think again. Bug Chucker requires some thought and consideration. There are numerous items to spice up the experience – various bugs with different abilities, space debris to get in your way, leafy remnants to beef up your score, and planetary bodies ranging from asteroids to black holes. You may be able to beat each of the initial 42 levels in the first galaxy, but it takes more than a bird-brain (ahem) to get beyond one star on most levels.

There are a couple other interesting innovations in Bug Chucker that are worth noting because they’re bound to catch on. First is the unique left-hand mode that allows the player to re-orient the device so that the screen switches to adjust for right or left handed players. And second is the dynamic scoring that allow the points to continue to rack up behind the scenes until the player decides the shot is over. This handily prevents the grating frustration of just missing some extra points because the game decides to stop prematurely.

You may checkout the video demo of most addictive Android game Bug Chucker.

(At this point we were suppose to put in some fake quote from Rand Miller, the founder of Cyan Worlds, but we figured that everyone who reads these press releases knows that the quotes are written by some crack team of marketing wonks who fine-tune the wording to have the biggest impact with the most people, while at the same time expertly expunge anything that might appear controversial in any way and in the process suck the life and character from the person they’ve attempted to encapsulate. So we just made Rand write the press release.)

Bug Chucker is most addictive game for Android. Bug Chuker is a lot of bang for the buck (literally) with an ad-free price of around a buck (depending on your country). It’s available on all iPhone devices and lots of Android devices. You can free download Bug Chuker from Android Market here.

Bug Chuker is released by Cyanworlds.

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