Body Pro Health and Fitness App for iPhone

by Ehsan on September 16, 2011


All I can say is WOW! I have only used about half the features in this amazing Body Pro Health and Fitness App and already I would give it 5 starts. It took a bit at the beginning to enter all my starting info so give yourself about 10 minutes to measure and weigh yourself at the beginning. Once I put that in it set some goals for me for my weight, waist, BMI and body fat. Each new section has a help video which can be a bit annoying if you don’t turn it off. You don’t really need the help videos since it is pretty obvious how most things work.
Some of the really cool things that I haven’t seen elsewhere are that it will tell you your next exercise. It actually reads this out loud, very cool!! It has a nice reminder to tell you what you what you still have left to do each day and the little colored dots are a nice little touch.
I can’t believe how many foods there are, so far there hasn’t been a single food I wasn’t able to find.
Once you have your meals and stuff in it really is just one tap to make a copy of it. Each time you start a new day it shows you what you had before and you just tap one of them to copy it to the new day. Never have I had an App that made entering meals so easy.
Another nice touch is that you can watch videos of any of the exercises, and not just one video for each exercise, there are hundreds of videos for each exercise. Pretty smart cause it searches youtube for your exercise and you can pick one and then it saves it to that exercise for later.

My favorite though is the diet analyzer. You pick a diet and it compares what you are eating against the diet. There are about 50 diets in it from popular ones to weird ones I never heard of before.
The Settings is almost too many, like who changes their sex half way through a diet? I guess these days maybe some people do!
There’s a lot more I still have left to use, if I could give ten stars I would!!! Body Pro Health and Fitness App for iPhone is released and available for download on iTunes Store or from here.


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