Blobby Volleyball Android Game Review

by Guest Author on February 27, 2012


There are a lot of games available for your Android, and many of them are free. Sometimes you get what you pay for, meaning some free games aren’t even worth the time it took for you to download them. Other free games are, however, well worth your time and far better than many considerably more expensive titles. One such exceptional game is Blobby Volleyball.

About Blobby Volleyball

Blobby Volleyball is a free game available for you Android. Not only is it free, but it appears to be completely free from ads at this time. Under this name it is new, but if you had a Pocket PC, you may have played it before as a game called Simbsoft Volleyball. As the name suggests, the game is volleyball. A one on one game of beach volleyball, you will take control of one of the small blobs. It is simple to play, and the rules follow regular, real, non-blobby volleyball. The ball is hit over the net, back and forth, until one of the blobs doesn’t return the ball. You have three hits to return the volley; if you fail you will lose your turn, as you could if you let the ball touch the ground on your side.

How to Play

Game play is very simple, making good use of the touchscreen. Using the totally touch-based controls, you slide your finger along the bottom of your Android’s screen to control you blob’s left and right movement. A slide of your finger on a different part of the screen and your blob will jump. It is easy enough for a novice gamer to be able to play with ease. This isn’t to say that this game is easy, however, as it can be quite challenging. As you want more of a challenge, you can up the difficulty level from easy to medium and then to hard. Additionally, you can explore other game modes including a multi-player mode using either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

The Graphics

This is not a graphically enhanced game, and it is not visually stunning. As “blobby” is part of the title, it should give you an idea of what the visuals of this game are like. Not sloppy by any means, this game, while fun and a little addictive even, is not visually cutting edge by anyone’s standards. As such a simple game, there really isn’t more to be expected.


Blobby Volleyball is a fun, free game for your Android. Not the most amazing game you could download to your device, it is a solid pick that can provide you with hours of fun, challenging, addictive play at no financial cost to you. This game is one that you need to add to your collection as soon as you can, and get your friends involved. Playing head to head, or blob to blob, through Wi-Fi or a Bluetooth connection is great way to pass some time.

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