Blipp GPS Location Sharing App Review


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Blipp is the great GPS location sharing App for Android devices. This app shares and stores your memorable moments. It is basically the real time location mapping. Now you can Blipp your memorable places just by one click. Blipp allows you to locate, mark and save or share your memorable places with your friends. This app allows you to locate Blipps of your friends and Save your Blipps for the future reference.You can also add your memorable event after marking location on the map. Just implicitly map your moments and events and then refresh your memories. The great graphical design of this application makes it more attractive. It’s easy to use and liked by the people of all age groups.

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Live Location Sharing App:

Blipp GPS location sharing app is not just about saving your memorable places and sharing with your friends. Its keeps you and your friends in touch. Its not only that you are telling the people where your are you also get to know Where your friends are Blippng. You can also have access to the close by historical markers. This app is the way to exactly locate places where you have some spend your special moments. When you get near to the location the Blipps pop up.

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Shares and Stores Yours Moments:

Sharing your happenings and fun memories has become so easy by using the GPS location sharing app. Add little status with your events through facebook.Blipp application let you to craft an implicit plotting of your favorite moments and events. Now you can easily track by using map tracking. You can browse historical Blips and your friends easily. Its easy to set up the link to the facebook. That’s means you can easily map yours precious moments by using facebook. You can change the settings of Blipp if you don’t need to have notifications for nearby friends Blipps. You can specify the location radius to get notifications. You have option to disable background GPS data so you can save your battery. Enable the GPS only when required. GPS location Sharing app helps you to record your precious moments pinpoint by GPS locations.

blipp location sharing app

blipp gps location sharing app


Blipp Location Sharing App Unique Features:

• Great graphical design.
• Easy Browsing.
• GPS tagging.
• Location Sharing.
• Facebook integration.
• Locate Blipping places of your friends.
• Saving Blipps to use as the future references.
• People of all age groups can use application.
• Shares and stores yours memories.
• Adding events name.
• Free of cost.
• Adding Historical Markers.
• Easy to use.
• Mapping directions.
• Pop up of the Blipps when you are nearby to your memorable marked location.
• Disable GPS data to save battery
• Social Network of the Lifetimes memories.
• Adding status location through your facebook.
• Specify Location radius to get notifications.

Watch Video Demo of Location Sharing App.

Blipp GPS Location Sharing App is available on Google Play store here. Follow this link to know how to use Blipp location sharing app.


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