Blast Bubble Shoot Angry Balls Android Game

I like the concept behind the whole BUBBLA FISH gameplay mechanics. When I first saw my friend playing this game I thought “ that looks similar to match puzzle game , but little different “ .I decided to try the Bubbla Game myself and it turns out that it can be rather “addictive”, given that it’s just another one of the reaction puzzle type of game .

Blast Bubble Shoot Angry Balls:


The goal of the game is simple : Rescue all fishes by making a fish popping chain reaction . Sounds simple ? Maybe not. You have limited number of moves and you have to plan out each move and remember which fish get popped first to start a chain reaction. They have 2 main upgrades in the game: Powerups and Skins . Both  can be bought by in-game currency you earn by completing each level . Power-ups can be used when you get stuck in a level . They have taken care to include a Colour Blindness Skin which enables colour blind people to enjoy the game. If you make a better score , you will be awarded certificates to show off your logical skills !

The Icing on the cake is that you get time-to-time discounts on the upgrades which really helps when you get stuck in a level for a long time . Did I mention the game is addictive?

I have been playing this game for past 9 days and I think it was well designed for Addictiveness .The Graphics are great and the music has nice upbeat to it . This is one of those games that both kids and adult can equally enjoy.

You can free download Blast Bubble Shoot Angry Balls from Google Play Store and Apple App Store Now.