BitAmulet iPhone App Help You to Prevent Yourself from Evil Eyes


July 4, 2014iPhoneNo comments

Evil eye and the bad vibes are the reality and you cannot deny them. There are many people, who go through such incidents, which happen due to bad eye or the bad omen according to them. The superstitious is a possible thing that you can face anytime.
We all have that little factor of extra care in ourselves when we talk about our loved ones. We feel it inappropriate sometimes to write about our most happening moments, our good times, or when it comes to posting the pictures of our loved ones.

BitAmulet iPhone App:
If you feel like that these superstitious things can harm your good times or some evil eye can affect your loved ones then you should take help from the BitAmulet. Certainly, this is an app for you and you can use it to prevent yourself from the evil eyes of others.
Using BitAmulet is really not some issue; all you need to do is to give us your year of birth, name, your position on earth, and your time of request. You have to create the BitAmulet yourself with the help of this app. The app is really not that critical like other overly technical apps available in the market.

This digital charm has everything that you expect in it. When you create your BitAmulet, then you can tag it with your photos and can also share on social media.
The app works at the right place with the right orbit so that you will be provided with the correct charm.
BitAmulet explains the orbital xy planes with the earth’s orbit and utilizes the heliocentric coordinate plane. The app calculates the position of the user from the earth with the time and position he has provided.
When the photo will be provided, the app will assess everything according to that and the user will be provided with the protection charm.
So, get this app today in your iPhone today!