BingoDab Another Free Game Available at Apple App Online Store


June 15, 2014Games iPhoneNo comments

It is a fact that all tech savvy users love to play games on their gadgets when it comes to entertainment and passing leisure time with fun. I am also the same tech savvy user, who loves to play different games on my iPhone. This is the reason, which is why I visit Apple app online store on almost daily basis to find a game of the day. You will be amazed to know that almost every day you can find a new app on Apple app online store.

BingoDab Another Free Game

Few days back, I was exploring Apple app online store and found BingoDab app on the online store. The name of the app was quite unique, which made me confused that what this gaming app could be for. As the app was available for free in the gaming category, I decided to download the app in my gadget.

To my amazed, the app was quite interesting and full of colors. Moreover, the thing, which made this game more exciting, was the availability of countless bonuses and challenges in distinct tournaments. Another interesting thing was that the player could get free coins on day to day basis. Here you need to know that when you will start playing the game, you will only enter and dab across the starter’s rooms. However, the more you will play, the more you will get access to big jackpot rooms, which will be more fun but do not forget that the entire gameplay will be dependent on your luck and skills.

The worthy to note part about this game is its soothing background music. Moreover, its graphics are also alluring, which make people play this game more and more. The app is compatible with iOS7, which means that you can play this game not only on iPhone but also on iPad and iPod Touch.