Best Siri Alternative to Android IVR Applications


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Siri Alternative to Android:

Whether you own an Apple product or not, you are probably aware of Siri, the lovable application offered by Apple that lets you voice control practically your whole iPhone. You probably know that apps have been released on the Android platform that use IVR instead of touch. However, should Android emphasize on IVR apps to offer an alternative to Siri?

When cell phones first came out, they were of a great size (length and width). They were primarily used for essential communication and nothing more. Gone are the days when you would use a cell phone for a simple phone call and the occasional text message.

In the 21st century, smartphones are becoming ‘smarter’ and the number of apps on every platform, Android, Windows Mobile, iOS, Symbian, Bada or BlackBerry, is increasing day by day. The fact is that most people want to be able to do more with their smartphone. Most people want to listen to more music, play more games and do everything they would on their computer or other handheld devices, but on one simple and smallform factor.

Traditional or feature phones, normally didn’t have enough power or the APIs to be able to run powerful third-party apps. With the introduction of smartphones, it seemed like this desire was about to be fulfilled. With the launch of Apple’s iPhone and the new App Store, smartphones started gaining popularity. Within a few years, third party applications had truly revolutionized the mobile experience.

With the extensive use of mobile internet plans (3G, 4G TD-LTE, etc), smartphones started providing a browsing experience that could easily match the one you would normally get at home.

Siri is an abbreviation for Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface and is an application available to the new iPhone 4S. You can use any of your internet plans to connect to the App Store and download the app. The Siri app uses the voice of the user in order to take commands and answer questions. Siri even adapts to your voice and preferences over time and gives customized answers.

Not only does Siri take commands, it adapts to your native language and even works with informal words. When asked various questions, Siri will respond correctly. When asked or commanded something it does not know, it will politely give a response that relates to the question.

The Siri app was introduced in the App Store by Siri Inc. and was removed when Apple acquired the company in April 2010. This followed Siri Inc’s announcement to make Siri available for all mobile platforms. However, ever since Apple acquired the company, that plan has been cancelled.

In due time, Android users also wanted an app that worked similar to Siri. Many developers started working on apps that mimicked Siri but worked with Android operating systems. Although progress has been made, no real duplicate of the system has been made. In response to Siri, Android users demanded that developers emphasize on IVR apps in order to compensate for Siri.

Interactive voice response is a technology that is like Siri but works in a broader sense. IVR has been used by any devices to allow humans to ‘talk’ to computers and vice versa. Instead of using a normal keypad, users can speak particular commands and make a device do what it wants. When Google’s new Ice Cream Sandwich is put into the equation, the possibilities are practically limitless.

With the new Ice Cream Sandwich operating system by Google, interactive voice response, or IVR, became available to users. Developers are now using this new system to create apps that are designed for Android users. Although there are plenty IVR apps available on the Android Market, people want more.

Considering that Google and Android app developers have always listened to what their consumers want, it probably won’t be long before a plethora of IVR apps appear on Google Play (previously Android Market).

Regardless of what Google does, third party developers have already started working on many applications that use the new IVR interface that has been integrated into Ice Cream Sandwich. It seems that as Ice Cream Sandwich starts becoming increasingly available, more IVR apps will emerge.


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