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I believe it must be a fact that who owns a smartphone, he must ever plays Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds, but another fact is that these kinds of popular games have been adored for a long time really, and this directly results in the tremendous expectation for new game types, which provides a great opportunity for running game. It’s not difficult to come to a conclusion, running games are the definite winner of 2012, it’s clear judging from the numbers of developers, products, downloads, profit and the scale of sequel followers.

With accordance to relevant data and statistics of Google Play, after the 2D running game of Ninja Series hitting on Android market, there are more than 30 kinds of running games with the same theme releasing on Google Play in only one month. What’s more, after Temple Run publishing its Android version, the same kind of 3D running mobile games broke into a game boom, clustering in the New Free Game category on Google Play.

temple run

With times of regular version updates, Temple Run still occupies the Top 1 in so many followers, and the downloads are extremely amazing.

Certainly, there are some other similar but outstanding running game that arouse our attention. For example, Speed Run, a new releasing one, which seems to have no special feature with just changing the game graphics, its download growth rate really surprises us. Its downloads reached 20,000 in the first day releasing, and hit 50,000 in merely 3 days. Most of the ratings are 3 or 4 stars, many players rated it as no much innovation, but there are still many enjoying its exquisite design and special power-ups.

Why running games, especially 3D running games, can be so popular all over the world, the reason is very simple. On the one hand, it takes you into an exciting world with running all ways long; on the other hand, it constantly challenges us to break the records and can’t help to stop it. There is a twit widely spread on Twitter: I have run to the outer space, but where the end is? With a picture showing that he has been playing Temple Run as long as 48 hours. And many Temple Run enthusiasts use the related pictures as their Facebook and Twitter avatars, sharing their records and fun with people.

temple run score

Temple Run has led the running game in mobile games market, which is good for players who addict to this game type, we can enjoy more splendid games. However, it also brings a huge challenge to all game developers; it’s absolutely not easy to achieve such a big success as Temple Run.

Therefore, 3D game developers following Temple Run have to work hard to attract players’ attention with some innovations or other features on its basis, there are several ways, like Pyramid Run, it switches the game scene; and like Zombie Run and Lost Temple 2, they create different characters;  also, Speed Run and Temple Run2 develop new power-ups.

In any ways game developers make little differences from other products, the inner core keeps the same, the game play. And to our users, for the same type of games, we can only accept one or two kinds. The others may be also well designed and exquisite developed with sophisticated operation, however, in the fast-changing mobile games market, it’s impossible for one kind of game to keep longevity forever. Only with constant innovation and specific and details searching in the market, the game products could occupy an important place in the Top List.

You can free download Temple Run from here.

This article is written by Irene Wang.


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