Best Ninja Rush Android Game

Achievement, just another skill of ninja. Do want to do some action?? Ninja rush is one of the top most playing action game… a world without heroes is a dull one. And one of the heroes is ninja rush. Our mission is to make your day a brighter one. Let’s do some action. In ninja rush, ninja rush has come to show skills, power. Ninja will have to gain all shields, swords and fruits by jumping on cannon which provide ninja power and make ninja rush more strong.

Ninja Rush:

He fights for you to save the world from all evil forces. He climbs on wheels by passing through buildings…ninja will prove that he is also a super hero. And he can save you from bad things. Now get ready its action time .Help ninja rush so that he can save the world. It seems to be a good sound. In ninja rush a good sound quality. Beautiful buildings and actions of ninja for gathering things by climbing on the buildings and jumping through wheels, cannon and barrel.

Ninja rush successfully achieve their goals and targets.Different achievements will unlock after passing difficult tasks. Ninja rush is very easy game kids can play easily they get fruits, swords and shields by simply pressing tab.Ninja rush is addictive game for kids they want to play again and again. Kids want to be like superheroes things and they notice their actions.

Watch Ninja Rush Demo Video:

So kids what are you waiting for? Don’t waste your time install ninja rush and get ready to play. And give your best to score highest and become the champion of this game, show your love and ninja rush become your passion. We hope you will love ninja rush.

Rate our game and give reviews. We will try to help your problems and updated levels and achievements.


You can free download Ninja Rush from Google Play Store.