Best Mobile Picture Chatting App Pixit Chat


August 11, 2014Apps iPhoneNo comments

Pixit Chat is an amazing and great app that is designed and developed by Craigpark Limited. This is very interesting app that is built especially for the people who want to make their texts more unique and interesting. Sending text messages using the emoji is the so common and old approach. It is the rule of the life that according to time things changes and there are need of new things that can replace the old ones same is the case with the technology  people need some good changes in there daily life activities for that Craigpark has developed this app Pixit Chat so people can enjoy new style of  GIF communication with their friends and family members and have some unique style of conversation.

Best Mobile Picture Chatting App Pixit Chat:

Unique Style of Sending Texts:

It is always great fun to chat with your friends and family members but when you add special GIF to the texts those simple texts become  the more refreshing and enjoying texts. You can also chat with your friends and family in the Groups so you can send one message to the particular group of your friends and the family members.

Easy and Simple to use:

It is very easy and simple to use this app, anyone can use this app you just have to add the GIF in your text messages when you are typing the message.  There are so many amazing GIF in the app you  just have to choose them according to your text.

Interesting Features:

  • If you want any kind of the specific GIF in your text you can highlight special text or zoom in that text so that you can have the specific list of the GIF of that zoomed word or highlighted text in this case same are the results, you are going to have the list of GIF that matches to your highlighted text and you are allowed to choose the GIF of your choice.
  • One more interesting thing in this app is that you just have to type the text and the relevant GIF that matches your text are displayed to you now you have to choose the GIF that you like.

Download this amazing app now and start using it , I am sure you are going to love this app. This app is available at App Store free of cost. Share this app with your friends and family and don’t forget to share your reviews with us.