10 Best Kids Apps for iPhone and iPad


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Today kids know alot about the technology. You most likely see your bright children using their mobile devices. With many options in the iPhone App Store and the distinctive personalities of the kids it is hard to narrow down what your kid is going to like. That is why I had compiled a comprehensive list of Apps that encompasses a little of everything from the education to music with plenty of creative fun. I have put together a list of ten Best Kids Apps for iPhone that you’re sure to enjoy, listed in no particular order. These 10 apps for children all available in the App store.

List of 10 Best Kids Apps for iPhone and iPad:

10. “Tappy Tunes” is a musical application for the kids.

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It is one of the best kids apps for iPhone and iPad. It requires no musical skills and captivates the interest of your children. There is no need to struggle with piano keys or the guitar strings when you can make music as a professional just by tapping the melody by using this app. There are over 100 tunes. The lyrics are sync with each tap. This app is great fun for the kids .The Sound effects and the animated graphics make this app more attractive for the children.

9. “Book worm” is the award-winning word-puzzle game.


If you want your child to have the good vocabulary of words than install this app for them. Each time you child plays a game in Bookworm goal are to score points by linking letters to form words. By playing this app your child is going to learn many words in few minutes. This main feature of this game is that it makes learning the words easier and quick and uses the Oxford English dictionary.

8. “Spin Art” is an app that creates colorful art on a spinning picture.


By using this app now your child can paint his imagination. With a spin of the finger he can create colorful art. He can change the colors or even he can start by using a picture from his photo gallery.
Spin Art is one of the favorite childhood crafts because of the paint and glitters rendering 54 colors and built- in picture shapes .The child is able to undo up to the last 5 and share the photos.

7. “AniMatch” is an animal matching game perfect for toddlers.

best Kids Apps

In each new game there are 10 pairs of random animals scattered on the screen. From there, kid touches each matching animal to complete the pair and points. It is memorization and the fun game for the kids. It develops the memory and the cognitive skills in the kids. They love to use this app because of the funny animal sounds.

6. “Tic Tac Toe” is X and O game.


This game is popular from ages between the kids and adults. Tic Tac Toe is best kids app. It’s the easier games for children to learn and play. The great graphics and the sound effects and the automatic save when you get a phone call and the configurable players names and the undo functions is the reason of its popularity.

5. “Talking Tom Cat” is your pet cat that repeats everything you say with a funny voice and responds to your touch.

talking-tom-cat-best Kids Apps

Talking Tom Cat is one of the favorite kids app. The kids love to play with the cats Talking Tom Cat is pet cat with whom the children’s can play any time .They can poke the cat or grab his tail. The kids love talking to tom as he will repeat everything they say. They love to poke the head, belly or feet, grabbing his tail, pouring a glass of milk for him and make tom scratch the screen.

4. “Hangman” is the guessing game of words.

hangman kid app

Hangman is the one of the most popular game that is helping the child and adults in building their vocabulary. The app supports one player and two player game play with awesome graphics and realistic sound effects, Hangman is creative and the best app for the kids.

3. “Cut the Rope” is Puzzle game.


There is monster named Om Nom. He has to solve puzzles, using special tools like pulley and catch the stars to score candy.
This is the game that your kid is going to love most because of the adorable characters and the outstanding graphics of this app.

2. “Fruit Ninja” is the great fruit slicing game.


The player slices fruit with a blade and then swipes their finger across the screen to create a slicing motion, attempting to slice the fruits. Fruit Ninja is the popular app between the kids and the adults. There are three games modes in single player. You can also post scores to the online leader boards.

1. “Angry Bird Seasons” is all fun of the Angry Birds game.


Angry Bird Seasons has become the most popular mobile app between the kids and the adults because of its graphics and challenging levels. Angry Bird Seasons is one of the best kids app for iPhone. There are more than 300 levels in the Angry Bird Seasons.

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