10 Best iPhone Racing Games


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Best iPhone Racing Games:

An iPhone is incomplete without a racing game. They are the most popular games played on iPhone as the tilting of the screen acts as a steering wheel, the realistic sound effects and the graphics are down-right amazing allowing you to picture yourself behind the wheels of a racing car. An I phone turns a racing game the closest to reality. Here are the top ten racing games for iPhone, iPod, and iPad:

List of Top 10 Best iPhone Racing Games:

1. Real Racing 2:
This racing game consists of 30 hot licensed set of wheels and 15 racing tracks. You can try out for the medal in Time Trial, Head-to-Head, Elimination, and Cup races or you can simply race in the Championship tournaments. The game provides retina display support. It also lists the achievements and the leads in the game. You can also enter 16-player online and 8-player local Wi-Fi races.

2. Draw Race 2:
This game is a whole new racing experience altogether. You don’t need a steering wheel! Instead of tilting the screen to control your car you can simply trace out the racing line you want your machine to follow on the track with your finger. Just one touch on the screen and you’ve got the hang of the game! There are amazing 3D tracks and 180 challenges. You can race against your friends in pass-the-handset or online modes.

3. Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 2:
If you prefer more to a game than just racing then this is the perfect game for you. You can play as any of the nine series favorite characters. You’ll have to collect power-ups, speed up on 12 crazy tracks and blow your opponent up. Once again, you can have your friends join you and race online in different modes.

4. Grand Prix Story:
This game is not exactly the inside of a racing car but it can be equally addictive. In this game your task is to hire fire drivers and mechanics, schedule stat-boosting training sessions, research new cars and racing parts and secure profitable sponsorships. It is more of a managing skill game than a racing game, however it is fun and challenging the same.

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5. Sonic and Sega All-stars Racing:
This is another game that consists of crazy tracks and obstacles,. It contains ridiculous weapons, a range of cars, bikes, planes, monster trucks and 15 courses to fly around. Online multiplayer consists of four players. Game board also consists of leaderboards and list of achievements.

6. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit:
Need for Speed lets you play various roles. You can either be an illegal street racer or an officer of the law, any that suits you best. It gives a more realistic prospectus allowing you to utilize road blocks, oil slicks, weaponry, spike strips and unlock achievements as you prosper in the game. This also allows you to invite your friends into the online game.

7. PadRacer:
PadRacer allows you to draw your own track! Amazed yet? You can use your iPad as a track and your iPhone or iPod touch as a steering wheel. It allows you to connect two iPads to prolong a race and you can add upto four iPhones as controllers allowing you to race against your friends. This game is a lively experience, however, the setback is that you will require both an iPhone or iPod and an iPad.

8. Asphalt 6: Adrenaline:
This game consists of 42 cars and bikes from the world’s best manufactures. You can take part in 55 events and 11 different leagues. As other racing games it allows you to race against five f your friends in online multiplayer modes. Not just that, you can travel the streets of LA, Tokyo and many more amazing places. You can also use your device gyroscope to explore your own 3D garage.

9. Shift 2: Unleashed:
This is also a ‘Need for Speed’ game. It consists of 40 top cars that you can personalize to your will with body kits, nitrous and spoilers. Like all of the games that have made this list it allows you to race against your friends by using EA’s Steam-esgue digital distribution platform.

10. Fast Five the Movie, Official Game:
Ass predictable you step into the shows of Brian O’Conner. Your job is to construct an elite team of top racers. The game contains the most famous cars, outrun federal agents in the streets of Rio, Hong Kong, and the Dominican. You must avoid obstacles and nasty accidents to stay on time. Once again there is a multiplayer mode consisting up to ten players and there are also Drift Contests and a Survivor mode. Not only that, you can also keep your vehicle up to condition.

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