Best iPhone Free Apps for Women


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Best iPhone Free Apps for Women:

In today’s world where man and woman make no more differences in societies about their positions, there is still something left unchanged. A woman has been throughout a symbol of excellence, her immense abilities of adaptations make her traits more tempting but there has been always a little more turbulence in the tasks of a woman. Now, there is someone who cares and thinks about you, who’d help to maintain your status everywhere. iPhone brings you top 10 applications right according to your needs so you could live a life by being abit carefree from all the daily drama.

List of Best iPhone Free Apps for Women:

1. iPeriod Ultimate (Period / Menstrual Calendar):

With so much to remember it’s so hard for one to take-care of itself. Now you don’t need to worry when: “iPeriod Ultimate (menstruation calendar)” is there for your convenience. Forget your dates and relax, cause’ your iPhone will be there to remember your menstruation cycle and notify it to you as well. You just keep an eye on the tons of other tasks you need to fix ahead.

2. Shopper – Pro:
Not only the applications are designed for you but iPhone keeps in mind your other responsibilities as being a woman and all the relations that come with it. The “shopper-pro” is something that keep all worries in one check list. You don’t need to carry a whole note book with you for remembering what you need to get from the store. Just having your phone with you will me more than enough. The daily deals, retail flyers nothing is there that you won’t find in this assistant housekeeper of yours.

3. Facebook:
We understand your desire to stay in touch and updated with everyone and anywhere. So, here you go your whole social network is there in your iPhone with tempting features. Just according to your desire. Now you don’t need to be curious anymore just with a click you’d be active with your social circle and in this way you can maintain your other tasks as well.

4. Cocktail+ iPhone App:

For the cocktail lovers there is an excellently mesmerizing application where they can learn to make over 2,000 contemporary and classic mixed drink recipes. With this application in their mobiles they can certainly make anyone get flattered on their skills and taste, as these recipes are not just about tasty but classy drinks.

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5. Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List

25,000 delicious, professionally tested recipes. What else can a woman need when she has different ways to enlighten the dining table. You just don’t need to learn, listen or follow any hogwash tactic to be a classy chief. This application is all you need, which would not only help but satisfy you as they are already professionally tested. So you don’t need to go for experiments in your cooking any further.

6. iFitness:
It’s simply not affordable for everyone to hire personal fitness instructors or even to find the time to attend a fitness centre. Moreover, as being a lady there is lot more to be done. Therefore, iPhones applications bring you an amazing opportunity. With this application you can not only maintain your fitness but with the step by step picture demonstration you can tend to understand them in more logical ways.

7. Amazon Mobile iPhone:

No one needs to hop out into the market to know the prices, you can just sit back on your sofa and just with a click can compare prices. Get to know more about what’s in the market and much more.”Amazon mobile” app” is just has all in it. A much more easier life can be led with such applications with you.

8. Contractions:

Designed for women in labor, this application allows you to time your contractions. Just by clicking this app you can inform your physician about labor contractions, making your life easy for sure.

9. OmniFocus for iPhone:

‘OmniFoucous’ brings management to you in a more easy way. You can manage everything on your fingertips. The tasks you have to do and the tasks you have done, everything will be just there on the checklist. Making you an organized person.

10. The Weather Channel:

The ‘weather channel’ will allow you to make smart plans. With the latest information about the current weather you can be able to make better and more efficient plans. E.g.; a sunny weather will surely suggest a nice picnic.

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