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Best iPhone apps are the most search query that is used by the people of United States of America (USA) to find apps for their iPhone. It is also most search term in many other countries like United Kingdom (UK), Australia (AU). People are always hunting and searching for best things for them, same in the case with their smart devices. It’s a human nature that they are always searching for supper and high quality life style. By keeping these things in mind today we search and find best iPhone apps of 2012.

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Finding a best iPhone app is not an easy task. As you know that there are more than 5 Million apps on iTunes. So it’s not an easy task to find a best app for your iPhone. Most of the user use iTunes top and front page listing and this listing is entirely base on number of sales units, that’s why most of the time people are unable to right app for their iPhone. Well this listing is also unfair for genius developers who work hard to make apps and because of low marketing budget they are unable to market their apps. Due to this reason they could not reach that top listing place where they want. For the sake of those people who don’t know how to market their app, we introduce easy and affordable ways to reach maximum audience. You can submit your app review and advertise your app on our blog to reach maximum audience.

Now I am straight away going to make the list of must have best iPhone apps.

List of Best iPhone Apps of 2012:

Sketch Book MobileX:

If you are photo lover and want to play with your photos, then it is one of the best iPhone apps which allow you to make a sketch of your photos. There are many awesome tools in its tool kit which includes multiple brushes, synthetic pressure sensitivity and most user’s friendly interface that makes it a breeze to scratch out images. It is a full of photo fun apps.



If you are TV or movies lovers that Netflix is one of the best apps for your iPhone. It turns your iPhone into a portable TV with over 17,000 streaming with one tap. It is also works on Wi-Fi, so you don’t need to worry about your date packages while streaming. It is video format is specially designed for iPhone which gives you good picture quality with fast loading. It is “best iPhone app” for moves lovers.


Angry Birds:

If you have iPhone and you have not yet try Angry Birds then you miss the fun of Angry Birds. It is one of the most popular and addictive iPhone games. It is also one of the best iPhone apps. If you are searching for any game then by high recommendation for Angry Birds that must try it.

Folder Lock:

If you want to secure your iPhone or want to put password then Folder Lock is one of the best secure password protection system. Now a day with the advancement of technology and sociality we are little bit unsecure. Like most of people put their private date on their mobile phone that are easily accessible to anyone. So they can easily violate your privacy. To stay safe use Folder Lock protection app and safe you private date. It is included in best iPhone apps.



If you are searching instant messenger (IM) app for your iPhone then Fring is best option for you. It is the all in one IM app for your iPhone because it combine all the most popular instant messenger clients like AIM, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook and even SIP and video Calling. It is one of the top best iPhone App.

fring app


If you book reader then Kindle is must have app for you. By using Kindle ebook reader app you can read your favorite ebooks on your iPhone. It gives you such a wonderful reading experience. If you are using Kindle on your iPhone you don’t need to worry about Amazon’s Kindle. It is also included in best iPhone apps.

iphone kindle


We know that Wikipedia web site is easily accessible on iPhone browser but why not we have an app for that which allows us to easily access information. Wikipanion is an alternative to Wikipedia. By using this app you can easily search articles, bookmark them for future read. The twitter sharing features is really awesome; you can easily share any information with your follower with one tweet. It is one of the best iPhone app.


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