Best iPhone Apps for Wine Lovers

by Ehsan on October 10, 2012


Wine tasting and knowing the right pairing has a lot of snob value. It’s a subtle art and skill, which is perfected only after years of practice. While you may find wine aficionados everywhere, if you bring up the topic of bouquets and flavors, most people would probably run miles.

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So it’s only fair to expect that in this age where you have apps and sites for almost everything under the sun, they would exist for wine too. But sadly very few mobile apps exist for wine lovers. Let’s take a look at the ones available.

Natalie Maclean’s Wine Picks and Pairings is free for Apple devices and helps you scan wine labels. It then tells you about the taste you can expect (like fruity flavor or not, and so on) and the food you can pair it with. Currently there are 150,000 wines in the app’s database.

iPhone Apps for Wine Lovers:

Hello Vino: You can get it on your Apple or Android device. You get great pairing options and in fact, I would say the best ones, from this app. The cool thing is that you can buy the recommended wine through

My Pairings is another app that recommends what wine you need to have with what food, and it also explains why that’s a good match.

Daily Grape: This is available only on iPhone as of now. Probably the most entertaining of all wine apps. The sommelier, Gary Vaynerchuck tastes each wine and gives a humorous and detailed account of the whole procedure and the wine itself, and then rates it on a scale of ten. This app is very useful when you’re out hunting for a good bottle to buy. If you enter the name of a vineyard or particular wine, the app will give you the reviews and ratings, and even comments from members. You can also choose to scan the barcode rather than type the name of the wine. You can also login to your social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare; you can also read about what others on Foursquare are drinking currently.

Vino Mobile Wine Vintages on Android phones and VintageChart+ on Apple rate vintage wines. This app is pretty reliable and user friendly.

Wine Searcher on Apple has cataloged around 500,00 wines that you can search for; but the app still needs some fine tuning, as there is no way to filter results by location. Wine Locator is another Apple Wine app that lets you search for wines locally, but the downside is that currently they have listed only around 18-20 vineyards.

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