Best iPhone Apps for College Students

by Ehsan on March 20, 2012


Best iPhone Apps for College Students:

In this day and age of technology, the usage of apps has become commonplace in many people’s lives. College students, in particular, will likely find apps to be a great tool to use when studying. Apps are far easier to use and much more convenient than the old school days of bulky notebooks, torn pages and disorganized study materials. Here are some of the best apps to help students study in college:

List of 5 Best iPhone Apps for College Students:

1. Evernote
With this handy app, students will not have to worry about scribbling notes down on a notepad and possibly losing pages. Evernote stores notes electronically and helps keep them better organized. The app can also store pictures and videos. Students can even connect to social networking sites through the app’s social networking integration.

2. Words with Friends
Students can have fun while exercising the mind by using this game playing app. The app features a game similar to Scrabble and allows students to use their problem solving skills in order to solve the puzzles. Students can play against other opponents and can play their own turns even when the other person is currently not logged into the game. The Words with Friends app is beneficial to students who are studying because it sharpens the mind and breaks up monotony.

3. Flashcards

This app presents a series of flashcards with trivia questions. Students can choose the appropriate categories to suit their study needs. Progress bars are used in order to let the student know which areas they are strongest in and where they need improvement. Smart decks allow students to brush up on past erroneous answers.
4. MathBoard

Students who need to brush up on their math skills will find this app quite useful. MathBoard quizzes students with questions pertaining to all levels of mathematics. Levels can range from simple addition and subtraction to more complex square roots and cubes. Students can load up to 250 random questions per quiz.
5. iStudiez Pro
This app helps students by keeping them organized. It can keep track of daily class schedules, assignment due dates and homework organization. It can even help students keep track of their grade point average so that they know where they stand academically.
College life can be challenging enough, but these practical apps can make the rigors of studying and keeping things organized much easier. These apps are easily accessible and very user-friendly. Students can master their classes and get ahead in college through the power of using these superlative study apps.

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