How Graphing Calculator App Can Change your Math’s Outlook


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The graphic calculator with algebra is a great tool for work, school or even college. Rather than having to carry around a graphic calculator you can use your phone or other hand held smart device to take all you need for your mathematical calculations and graphing needs.

Graphing Calculator App Cool Functions?

The app has many functions that allow you to produce different kinds of graphs and add the values, roots and much more. You can work out algebra equations with ease and make light work of fractions and complex numbers. There are so many functions to the graphing calculator you will wish you had tried it earlier.

Graphing Calculator App

How do I get the app?

You can get a free version or get rid of the advertisements by paying the low price of $5.99 to upgrade once you realize the usage potential of the application. You can get a license to use this product on a mass scale if you have many students that you feel could benefit.  You will need a secure internet connection to download it.

What do each of the functions do?

You can use the scientific calculator function for your equations. It has all the functions of a separate scientific calculator and a whole lot more. You are able to hold the root and function keys for ease of use and enable scientific notations in the menu. Working out percentages takes no time at all and you can go back to your workings if you need a break by using the save function and load it up whenever you are ready to continue.

The graphing calculator app has many useful functions including being able to display your information in graph or data form at the touch of a button. You can resize the graphs you produce and zoom in by pinching your touch screen. You can choose to save your function tables, graphs and tables to add or remove data later if you wish too!

Graphing Calculator android App

The fraction calculator can help eliminate the bus stop method of working out and make sharing the bill at your favorite restaurant and easier task than ever before. You can work out different algebra equations on separate lines so you can see the whole sum, unlike a regular calculator. Long division, quadratic and linear equations are easy enough when you have this tool in the palm of your hands ready to work when you are.

The application allows you to see how the equations are broken down so that you can learn to understand and improve your learning. This is great tool for helping students and many maths tutors now recommend it.

Personalization of the app:

By defining the functions you are able to personalize the way you use this multi-function calculator application and edit the layout at your own leisure.

How do I use the app?

To enter the expression you need to use and see it displayed on the larger screen below you just have to type the formulae in the usual way. If you need to move the cursor place your finger on the screen and tap gently to where you want it to be to make alterations or additions.

Pressing enter allows you to use different expressions on the same page; they are easily seen and differentiated by being put on separate lines. Press the clear button to get rid of one line of expressions or hold it down for a few seconds to clear the whole screen.

You can use the menu function in the top bar by pressing and selecting the mode you wish to use. You can go from one mode to another and still retain the information on each by saving.

Watch Video Lab Demo Video:

Click here to see the app working in real time and see how the many functions can help you solve those equations and create graphs to display data faster than you have ever been able to before.

Lots of users have already seen the advantages to using this great app and have left feedback to show their appreciation. One wrote “this app has really helped me to understand the breakdown of formulas, before I could not understand and was falling behind. Now I have caught up with the rest of my class and am doing better than ever before! “. There are lots of similar types of feedback saying how the app has changed their outlook and understanding of different types of mathematical equations. Another wrote “I was only achieving a C grade on my math’s course before I found this app, my last paper was marked with an A. I was so proud and could actually understand for the first time in my life!”

You can free download graphing calculator Android app fro m Google Play here.

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