Best Free Remote Control Android App (RDP-VNC)


October 1, 2012Android2 Comments

This is the era of smartphone and tablets. The trend of personal computer has been changing to smart devices link Android, iPhone, Blackberry and tablets. But there are still some limitations and smartphone apps developers are working hard to remove these limitations like remotely control computer. They are working hard to remove these limitations/barriers by developing awesome apps and they are successfully achieving some of their targets.  The latest achievement is that they have successfully developed remote desktop apps.

Remote Desktop Apps allows you to fully control your personal computer (PC) from your smartphone device like Android. Yes, you can fully control your PC from your Android phone, anywhere in the world through internet.

So, today we have compile a list of top best free remote control android apps for you.

Best Free Remote Control Android Apps List:

Below is the list of best free remote access apps for android.

1. TeamViewer

TeamViewer is one of the most popular and most widely used remote desktop collaboration application. It is available for almost all main operating systems like Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. TeamViewer android app allows users to collaborate and share their desktop computer with every operating system. This app allows you to remotely access your computer and helps friends or family members with any system issues via desktop sharing.

TeamViewer have both paid and free version for their potential customers. However, you can get more features in paid version as compared to free version. The paid version is ideal for corporate environment which provide remotely access to client support, as well as administer computer etc. TeamViewer also offers Voice over IP (VoIP), conference call, whiteboard and schedule meetings.

You can free download TeamViewer from here.

2. PocketCloud Remote RDP / VNC Android App:

PocketCloud Remote RDP / VNC is another amazing Android desktop sharing app for Windows and Mac users. It provides remotely access to your desktop computer over WiFi, 3G & 4G networks. This app is ideal for single PC users because it is free and gives you amazing features like remote access, virtualization and allows you to remotely perform critical tasks. There are many other amazing features of this app you may checkout by installing app from Google Play.

You can free download PocketCloud Remote RDP / VNC Android App from here.

3. VLC Remote Control Android App:

VLC remote control android app allows you to fully control your VLC media player with your Android phone. It allows you to control VLC media player across the number of platforms which includes PC, Mac and Linux. There are many amazing features of VLC remote control free app like it allows you to remotely control volume, play, pause, position of tracks. The paid version of VLC app you to control DVD, subtitle, audio track controls, delay option, access to external drives and file browsing control to which allows you to play files from your PC.

You can free download VLC Remote Control Android App from here.

4. Jump Desktop Android App:

Jump Desktop as named shows, it allows you to jump to your desktop computer and allow you to full control your PC from your Android devices. It gives you fully multi-protocol support for RDP and VNC, with multi-touch support Zoom-in/out, mouse drag & drop, two finger scrolling and three finger taps for viewing hidden files. It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms. Jump desktop app connects through IP address and hostname of the computer, which is provided by RDP and VNC configuration.

You can free download Jump Desktop Android App from here.

You can also remotely control your PS3 with your Android phone.

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