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For me, budgeting was always something tricky. Despite of my every effort, I was unable to track my expenses and to save some money for my future. Many people say that the best approach to stick with your budget is to write down your expense and money you have available to spend after setting aside some savings. What will you do if you leave the budgeting paper at home and have no clue how much you can spend? Yes, this situation can be worst and I faced this situation many times. So, I decided to act somehow tech savvy in order to save some money.

Best Expense Tracker 2.0 Features:

I conducted an online search on Google Play and found an amazing app named Expense Tracker 2.0 for efficient budget planning. This app was not only available for free but also offered me list of some amazing features with which I could do my budget planning at my gadget effectively and efficiently. Some of its amazing features are as follows:

  • Using this app, the user can add all the upcoming expenses and can pay them on time. Moreover, a quick view to all projected budgeting is also available for the convenience of the user.
  • To make quick calculations for budgeting, an in-built calculator is also available.
  • The entire budgeting data can be organized on monthly basis. Moreover, the user can generate the budgeting reports and can also send them in PDF format via email.
  • The best feature of this app is the availability of in-built financial assistant using which the user can save more money with ease.
  • All the data in the app is password protected. Apart from this security feature, the backup and restoration facility is also available to avoid any data loss.

Watch Best Expense Tracker App Demo Video:

The best part is that if you are an iPhone user even then you can enjoy using this app for free. The need is just to visit Apple app online store to download this app instead of Google play. This simply means that the aim of this app is to facilitate the users at its best irrespective of the gadget they are using.

You can download it form Apple App Store and Google Play here.

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