Best Calendar App for Android Phone InstaCalendar


May 23, 2014AndroidNo comments

InstaCalendar twists your Calendar View to Equip it with Lovely Memories

InstaCalendar is available on Google Play for all Android users

An app that has the capacity to attach your lovely memories to your calendar view using Instagram

Thanks to technology, as this made everything possible for us even if it is about designing calendars with lovely memories. Different techniques are available in the market. However, the most convenient one is to use apps to create a designer calendar. Countless apps are available for the facilitation nowadays, however, the most user-friendly app available with easy to understand interface is InstaCalendar, which is available on Google Play for all Android users for absolutely free. InstaCalendar is an amazing facilitation that allows the Android users to design the photo calendar via Instagram. This smart app offers an amazing platform with which the user can add his favorite moments to his calendar from Instagram. The best part is that the designed calendar via InstaCalendar can be shared with friends, family members, and familiars to let them know how you cherish the moments in which they were with you. InstaCalendar is one of those smart apps, which is equipped with lots of features and this makes it a unique app from those, which are already available in the market. The app is quite easy to use. Moreover, it is a powerful app with which the user can create a beautiful calendar with his favorite images within just few minutes. In simple words, this app offers not only effort saving but also time saving approach to design a calendar with lots of memorable images. The story does not end here, as the user can also use different attributes of InstaCalendar to beautify his calendar. For example, the user can rotate and adjust the image to fit the calendar. Moreover, different colorful fonts can also be used to make the calendar more vibrant. Last but not the least, sharing and printing features are also available in the app to enable the user to share and print the calendar as per his needs. You can read more about app developers here

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