Best Android Game Fly Balloon Fly


August 9, 2014AndroidNo comments

Fly Balloon, Fly!is an Android game application designed by PopSoda Digital Commerce. It’s all about balloons as seen from its name. You have to guide your balloon across the skies but you have to make sure that the balloon does not bump into the flying swords. If you don’t care about this, then your journey is going to end soon. The game will let you conquer the skies.

You can sail the balloon across the exotic desert towns and it can even go into the space. The more points you gain, the more stuff you are going to be unlocked. Once you will reach 25 points, you are going to unlock rocket man.

Fly Balloon, Fly is the game that is way different than any other game app there is. The game however is built around the gameplay of the Flappy Bird. The graphics user interface of the game is quite improved as compared to other games. The swords and other stuff in the background of the game make it interesting. Another thing that makes the game interesting is the background music.  It adds brilliancy to the game.

The gameplay is quite simple. You simply have to navigate the balloon throughout the town but you have to make sure you stay away from the swords otherwise you will have to restart the whole level. The whole journey depends on how you make the hot air balloon navigate through those striking swords.  The farther you get, the more the level increases.

The cartoons in the backgrounds, the music tunes and detailed graphics will make your long journey interesting. Patience and the right timing will help you in progressing in the game.

It is a game that will make the kids as well as adults addictive.  This free arcade game will keep you busy in free time also.