Best Android Battery Saver App DU Battery Saver


August 9, 2014AndroidNo comments

DU Battery Saver & Widgets is one of the leading battery save and power manager app. This free application can let you make increase the battery life of your Android device. It can literally increase 50 percent battery for your Android phone and tablet.  If you upgrade it up to DU battery saver PRO version then it’s going to increase 70 percent battery power.

Best Android Battery Saver App:

The DU Battery Saver & Widgets application is packed with some serious features. It has got an amazing interface. It’s easy to see how much battery is left with the help of those big graphics you see on the screen. Du Battery Saver and Widgets supports 17 languages. The widgets that come with the application let the user optimize the battery so that they can maximize the battery life. You can set your own performance and even energy saving modes for boosting the battery lift with just a touch of a button.

DU Battery Saver & Widgets lets you monitor the applications that consume much of the battery life of your android device. This will let you stop them and manage the apps and maximize the battery of your life with just a touch.

With the DU battery saver PRO version you are going to get the following features:

  • Intelligent mode switching
  • Battery level
  • Time schedule
  • Auto clear apps
  • Cupfrequency
  • Clear unnecessary background power consumption apps

You can have the best battery management at hand by using this app. You can execute it in an easy way because it’s going to be simple to use. The interface is quite easy. It is specially optimized for the Android device. It’s available for free but once you are comfortable with the app, you won’t mind going for the pro version.  It’s easy to install and you can get started with it right away.