Best Android Apps for Drivers


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Best Android Apps for Drivers:

Smartphones can be addictive, but looking at yours when driving can land you in hot water. Even if you don’t cause an accident, you could still be hit with steep fines and serious penalties in most states. Fortunately, Android has apps designed to help you enjoy your smartphone, without taking your hands off the wheel.

Top 6 Best Android Apps for Drivers:


This handy app is dedicated to helping you find the best prices on fuel. Using the GPS function in your phone, it will tell you where to go to have a little less at the pump. The app will also give you details about the station you’re visiting, along with an address and easy directions.


Load this app before heading to any theme park, stadium or other place where the crowds will be intense. With this app, you won’t have to worry about finding your car at the end of the day. In addition to providing you with a map to your vehicle, it also provides you with a listing of free parking locations in your area. Save money when you head out for the game, and enjoy the day in confidence knowing that you will be able to find your car later.


Keeping track of your car’s maintenance can help you spot problems and treat them quickly. This app allows you to keep track of fuel, gas mileage, maintenance, trips and various expenses. Ideal for the small businessperson, it’s a handy app for anyone who loves their car. Data can be transferred to an SD card, making it easy to put into an expense report later.


Get your text messages while driving without taking your hands off the wheel. A must-have for anyone who is in constant contact through text, this app will read your messages out loud to you as they arrive. One-touch activation is easy to use, and the system will automatically engage when a new message arrives. It reads text shorthand like brb and lol, and the auto-responder allows you to deliver a response by simply speaking it.


You hope that you will never get into an accident, but the unexpected can happen. The adrenaline rush after an accident can leave you feeling flustered, but iWrecked will take you through all the necessary steps. Log details, take information, fill out a report and take pictures of the damage with this handy and necessary application.


Worrying about what a repair will cost? Have you been searching for a reliable repair shop? Do you always wonder if your mechanic is overcharging you? RepairPal can set all those worries to rest. It provides accurate repair estimates based on your GPS location, and it will guide you to a shop near you. Roadside assistance is available for those breakdowns that happen on the road, and you can even keep track of the work that is done on your car.

Bluetooth technology allows you to enjoy hands-free conversations in the car, but these apps make your phone a necessary co-pilot when you are heading out on the road. From having text messages read to providing you with directions to the best parking, they help you keep your hands on the wheel and your mind on the road.


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