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There’s nothing like finding a bizarre twist to a wonderful battle game. We all love battle and warfare games especially when it involves little villains whose sole job is to destroy the planet and raze it to the ground. Although plenty of prior games have been built and designed according to the very same idea, but with few alterations. Nevertheless, the introduction of Romans from Mars Android App has been met with plenty of appreciation and lauding.

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Romans From Mars Overview:

With an overall rating of 4.2 out of 5, the mini game features an army of Martians which descend upon the Planet Earth. These Martians have taken it upon themselves to destroy the Romans and as a Roman soldier your job is to rescue your planet from the impending doom which is bound to reach it. Exciting and thrilling, the action packed game enables hours long of game play to commence without users boring or tiring out. With an overall total of thirty achievements to unlock and gather, users step through levels which get harder with every step forward.

romains from mars android game


Among the numerous features that the game application stocks is the enormous amount of ammunition which comes in the form of medieval weapons such as crossbows and other similar forms of weapons for destruction. In total there are ten armies against which you shall require to defend your planet. One of the enemies is also the powerful and seemingly undef-eatable Centurion Mach. With all these forces combined together and determined to put an end to the planet, you as a player shall need extra aid as well as reinforcements.

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For that purpose, the people of the planet of Jupiter have been kind enough to endow upon you their blessings and along with that the power of commanding the powerful elements of Fire, Lightning, Earth and Ice. Users gain the advantage of using these powers against their enemies when times get too tough and defeat seems a lot more ominous than victory.

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With users highly lauding and commending the layout as well as appearance of the game play they also do mention that it is very fun to play it. The level of challenge faced by users is not only addictive but also gives them the edge of pushing forward and completing levels all whilst taking into store multiple achievements. Defend your castles and your walls from these invaders.
P.S. The game is entirely free of cost to avail.

You can download Romans from Mars for Android Devices here and iOS Devices from here.


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