Baller The simplest yet interesting game of the era

It is a fact that lots of complex gamming apps, which are full of graphics, are available, these days. You will rarely find a person, who does not like such gaming apps. This is the reason, which is why demand for these gamming apps has increased dramatically within last few years and thus, lots of app developers are developing such apps to facilitate the smart users at best. However, unlike such app lovers, I am one of those individuals, who love to play simple yet interesting games. The unfortunate thing is that nowadays to find such an app is little difficult as compared to the other apps, which are in demand.

To find simple gaming apps for my Android phone, I visit Google Play on regular basis. Few days back, when I was looking for such an app, I found a simple app named Baller: free, addictive game. Because of the name and reviews available online, it looked like my required app. The best part, which compelled me to download this app, was its free availability. However, now I must say that this was the app, which I was looking for and it was worth downloading for sure.

baller android game

Now you must be thinking what this game is all about, which fascinated me this much. This game is nothing more than playing with a ball and some lines. While playing this game, you have to control the ball in order to make it reach at the top of your gadget’s screen. To meet this target, you will have to keep few tips in mind, which are as follows:

  • Do not let your ball hit the lines moving horizontally on the screen. Keep in mind that with every advance level, the speed of the lines will also increase.
  • The more you will make your ball to reach the top, the more you will make score.
  • This is one of the most addictive game, that you can’t stop yourself playing it.

You can free download Baller Android Game from Google Play Store here.


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