Ball Attack Comical Game for Android [Review]


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They are here! They have no mercy! They will have no fear! They will take over the world if you don’t stop them!!

These greedy funny balls will attack with their special powers and will test your abilities and also your defender skills. So, are you bored? Play this simple comical game, kill some time and have some fun! Save the world again and again from the attacking funny and greedy balls! This is a fun and cool arcade game!

First level starts with a bouncing ball. Hold your phone parallel to the ground, then lean left and right to move your superhero ball located at the bottom of the screen. Tap to shoot onscreen attacking balls. You also must watch out for the level’s timer countdown. Every level has a certain amount of time, so hurry up – shoot the attacking balls and survive in order to go next level.

There are two kinds of attacking balls:

The “normal” attacking balls witch have a certain level of subdivision (maximum is 5 on higher/last levels of the game). So, when you shoot a “normal” attacking ball then the level will decrease one unit and when zero limit will be reached then the ball will be dead for good and the level will be cleared! You can recognize easy these balls in-game by having a black color and funny faces.

The second kind of balls is the “special” attacking balls. These “special” attacking balls have different colors and graphics character with special powers like: gravity, freezing, slowdown, splitting , etc. You can use these special powers in your favor to gain for example some timer seconds, but watch out because some of these special powers can be fatal for your in-game superhero character.

As you reach higher levels the complexity and diversity of the attacking balls will increase. So use wisely your timer, shoot proper balls to gain seconds and go next level, dodge attacking balls,  and enjoy the game.

The game is fun and it will test your reaction and distributed attention every second. You can free download Ball Attack Game for your Android phone from Google Play here.

Have fun !! ;)


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