Top 5 iPhone Tax Apps to Help with Your Tax Return

Top 5 Tax Apps for iPhone:

The success of the iPhone is something largely driven by its incredible app community. On its own, the Apple device is a slightly enhanced version of the dozens of other smartphones on the market.

Combined with the app community, however, it is a dynamic device that is tailored to your individual needs and provides all the convenience of a virtual assistant. This is no different with regard to taxes. Here are 5 iPhone Apps to help you with your taxes:

List of Top 5 Tax Apps for iPhone:

1. TurboTax

Every spring the teeming masses known as accountants climb out of their shadowy caves like hordes of bats, ready to calculate how much you owe the government and how much they owe you. For those of us who are not privy to our own personal bat-man, software such as TurboTax provides a fast and easy way to do your taxes without the headache of scouring through a hurricane of paperwork. TurboTax now has an app for the iPhone as well, which even lets you (using the SnapTax feature) snap a photo of your W-2 as opposed to uploading a file. The transfer of data and crunching of numbers happens all automatically.


The IRS is known as an organization with an unyielding will and an intractable need to find you and collect. However, IRS2GO is not a tracking device of that nature. In fact, it tracks the status of your refund, and provides you an abundance of tips to help you file faster and keep abreast of new legislative updates. When it comes to anything related to taxes, IRS2GO is the app that will keep you on the ball and help you save money every tax season.

3. ShoeBoxed

When it comes to business travel or small business owners, you want an app that will help you keep track of all the little receipts and tax write-offs that apply to your company or career. This app will take photos of your receipts and store them in the app, keeping track of all the relevant information, including time and date, payment option, name of the store, and price. You can converge the data from this app with software for you various expense reports such as CSV and Quicken. No more stumbling through a box of white slips, no more tangled paper and receipt confetti. Everything is stored digitally, and can be sorted with the press of a button.

4. ISP Apps

For small business owners and self-employed individuals, it’s important to keep track of your business related expenses. A self-employed individual will often rely heavily on the internet, and their ISP should have an app to help you manage it. For example, AT&T offers myAT&T, which allows you to organize your U-Verse account and check your various phone and data usage, while still providing an easy way to pay your bills.

5. Banking Apps

A mobile banking app is another way to keep your banking records manageable for tax season. A bank mobile app will give you access to your previous statements, accrued interest, and other tax related information that can be merged with your accounting software. Two banks that offer this service, for example, are Chase and PNC. Contact your bank and inquire about whether they have a mobile banking app which you can download for your iPhone.

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iPhone Apps for College Students

iPhone Apps for Students:

If you are a student who is looking to get ahead of the class, make sure to utilize your iPhone technology to give yourself a leg up on your scholastic competition. These days, students need to use all of their resources, both paper-based and digital, to ensure they make the grade. Students should tap into their smartphone’s many applications that can make their personal lives and collegiate life a little less stressful. Whether you are interested in saving money or just hoping to keep track of your grades, there are a plethora of apps that are designed to help students find success in school and in life.

List of Top 5 iPhone Student Apps:

1. iStudiez Pro
One of the best organizational apps for students is iStudiez Pro. iStudiez Pro retails for just under three dollars and works as a super-powered day organizer, helping students keep track of their class and social schedules. The app conveniently tracks class deadlines and assignments and provides students with reminders for important events. iStudiez Pro is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, BlackBerry and WinMobile platforms.

2. Wi-Fi Finder
Wi-Fi Finder is one of the handiest apps for students. This app provides students with a listing of the nearest Wi-Fi connections and provides students with a map of how to get there. What makes this app so great? Students can create a list of their preferred networks and also filter Wi-Fi connections by locations such as libraries, restaurants, hotels and coffee shops. Wi-Fi Finder is free and is only available for iPhone and Android phones.


3. Documents To Go
While Documents To Go is one of the more expensive apps on this list at just under ten dollars, this intuitive and easy-to-use app is the perfect tool for students who are constantly on-the-go. Documents To Go allows users to view, edit and create Microsoft documents and spreadsheet using their smartphone. This app is the perfect tool for students who need to make quick corrections before they email a term paper to their teachers or who need to put the finishing touches on a presentation right before class. The app supports .doc, .docx, .xls and .xlsx files and students can also view PDF files as well. Document To Go is available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry phones.

If you are a student who is worried about saving money and tracking your expenses, the app is the perfect solution for you! This handy app helps students stay on top of their financial situation by aggregating all of their banking, credit card, loan and other financial information into one convenient place. In addition to keeping track of students’ checking and savings accounts, the app also helps students develop financial goals via the app’s goal planning feature. is available for all smartphones and is free.

5. Evernote
If you are a student who doesn’t pay attention during class lectures, Evernote is the perfect app for you. Evernote allows users to create class notes in a variety of formats including text, photo and audio. If you want to keep a record of your class lecture, simply download the files to your Mac or PC for safekeeping or share them with other classmates. Evernote is available for the iPhone and iPad as well as Android phones.

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Top 5 Travel Apps for iPhone

The third-best aspect of attending college – after the second-place end of the academic year and the first-place entry of college graduation – is Spring Break. While some students take this time to study a bit extra or earn a bit more money with extended hours on a part-time job, many students make plans for a Spring Break vacation trip during which they cut loose and work off a long winter of stress. As you prepare for your college break, or if you are planning any kind of trip, here are a few iPhone apps that help you plan and keep on track with your travel plans.

1. Kayak

This app is brought to you by one of the top vacationing sites on the Internet. The free iPhone and Android app helps you find the best, cheapest travel tickets, hotel prices and even rental car discounts, but that’s not all this handy app provides: You can get personalized price alerts, trip tracking, hints and lists for packing and very handy information on the status of airports and a list of potential travel fees involved.

It won’t, however, carry your passport and visa, so don’t forget those and the safety-oriented copies you also want to carry. It can, however, remind you to have them with you as part of your to-do list you create!

2. Jetsetter

This mobile app used to be by invitation-only. Its developers, however, wised up to the benefits it can provide the average traveler and is now free for everyone. The app can display flash discounts of up to 50 percent off hotel lodgings, present restaurant suggestions and generally makes even the most budget-conscious traveler feel like a jetsetter.

Unfortunately, this is for iPhone users at this time, though there might be an Android version published soon.

3. GasBuddy

For anyone – college student or working adult – who wants to take a road trip during Spring Break, on a long weekend away or simply a trip across town, GasBuddy helps you trim your transportation costs by providing you to-the-minute cheap gas prices.

The free app won’t lower prices for you, but it will display the cheapest gas in your area or along your route as you travel.

Pump prices are rising again: Don’t overpay with Gas Buddy for iPhone and Android!

4. Free Wi-Fi Cafe Spots

This specific app comes to you from BlackBerry, but other mobile OS platforms have their own versions.

As you travel, if your smartphone or tablet doesn’t provide you with a Wi-Fi finder feature on board, a Wi-Fi finder app will. BlackBerry’s version specializes in cafes and restaurants with free Wi-Fi in 115 countries, for who wouldn’t enjoy a refreshing drink or a leisurely meal as you check email, update your social networks or surf the Internet?

Take a break in style with BlackBerry’s Wi-Fi Cafe Spots mobile app.

5. CIA World Factbook 2012

Whilst no one hopes to have travel plans canceled or changed due to unrest in any given area, wouldn’t it be nice to know before you head to the airport on your Spring Break? Even a diverted flight plan to avoid hot spots can ruin a vacation and add layers of stress and frustration that you wanted to leave behind.

The CIA World Factbook 2012 may have versions in the iPhone and Android catalogs, but this one comes from BlackBerry as well.

Read about travel alerts and updated travel advisories before you find yourself heading to the wrong-timed destination. If you find yourself already staying in a targeted area, the app provides information for leaving the area.

Browse through interesting facts about your vacation area.

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Top 10 iPhone Apps for Doodling or Drawing

Sometimes, you just need a break to doodle something on a page. Class or work might be boring and you just might need a break. Instead of doodling on your paper, you can doodle on your smartphone. Here are the best apps for when you want a break and want to doodle on your smartphone.


1. Love Art: National Gallery London. This is a really cool app for those that want to first look at art before they are going to be drawing something. It has lots of video presentations for you to see different art galleries.

2. Brushes: Ever heard of New Yorker Cover? If you have, you might be surprised to find out that it was designed through an app. It’s a really fun app for you to use.

3. Type Drawing: Want a really new way to create new designs? This app lets you use letters as a drawing tool. It’s a really neat app that you should try.

4. Flip Book: If you like animation apps, you should get this app. You can reproduce your images and then you will be able to design some really cool things.

5. Sketches: This app is known for how great it was. You can actually create some really beautiful pieces of art with this app.

6. Idoodle 2: This is a great app for you if you just want to do some simple doodling. You can draw with an eye dropper and even a fountain pen.

7. Colors: This is a really fun app for kids. It has a lot of colors that you can choose from. It’s fun and simple for kids to use.

8. Finger Paint: If you are in the mood to finger paint, but you don’t want to make a mess, get this app. Your smartphone can help you create some cool finger paintings.

9. ColorTilt: If you want your art pieces to come to life (or in 3D), you can draw really cool things with this app.

10. SpinArt: If you like tie dying, this is a great app for you. With this app, you will be able to create different spiraled art pieces that look really neat.

If you have the heart of an artist, you should really consider downloading any of these apps. They are great if you get bored at work, or if you need a break from all of that studying.

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Google Increases Android App Capacity To 4 Gb

Just as Apple announced the 25th billion app download, Google has announced that it is increasing the app capacity for the Android apps from 50 Mb to 4 Gb. It would appear that the immediate cause for this upgrade is a likely push by Google to take the Android applications to the next level. In increasing the app capacity, Google has given signals to the app development community to think ahead and develop denser, better and stronger apps.

Does this mean that Google is taking the mobile apps competition to the new level? Or is it just a ploy on its part to create a distinct advantage for the developers who work on the Android mobile operating system? Nobody knows for sure the likely cause of this move on the part of Google.

However, one thing that is clear is that the Android apps market will explode exponentially in the next few months. As an android phone user, you could expect to see better graphics, experience more intense video gaming performance, and witness an even better 3D rendering of the applications and the mobile games. To put it in different words, the user experience on the Android applications is set to improve drastically.

This upgrade will also take the entire app development lifecycle to the next level, with more intense code structuring and an even better functionality that could not have been extended earlier on account of a limited Android app size. You could easily say that the newer apps will be better looking and will offer better visual insights to the contemporary set of applications.

Given the fact that the Android mobile operating system and the mobile computing platform are free of cost, it would do some sort of smart thinking to understand the rationale on the part of Google. Increasing the app capacity entails additional incremental costs on the part of Google because it needs to offer the additional data storage capacity on its own cluster. Is there any cost benefit attached to the Google move?

Yes, if you look at the long term implications of the move, it is apparent that Google wants to monopolize the apps market and establish Android as the preferred mobile computing platform. Towards meeting this goal, Google understands that the developers would need to be tapped to produce better and more robust apps. And, the app storage increment is just one of the few steps that you could expect Google to undertake in fulfilling its goal of dominating the apps marketplace and the mobile computing platform.

Essentially, we will see a lot of action on the mobile computing platform and the standards because the stakes for dominating the media are very high. And, the battle to monopolize will be the one that will be fought more intensely than most other tech battles of the past.

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Best Shopping Apps That Will Save You Time and Money

With today’s economy looking the way that it does, it’s hard to kick that slight addiction to the wonderful world of shopping. There’s just something about wandering around a mall or outdoor shopping strip that brings nothing but sheer joy to shoppers’ faces, and it’s filled with tons of other giddy people just beaming and grinning ear to ear at their recent purchases.

Yes, indeed, malls and shopping centers are among the happiest places on earth. But if you’re low on cash and worrying with every purchase you make, it’s hard to find the fun in shopping.

That’s where your iPhone can come in handy. Next time you’re out shopping, having a goal and a purpose for what you want to get and what you’re doing there in the first place, and let your phone do the rest. These apps will help you stay organized, shop faster and save money. Who can complain about that?


Ever forget where you parked your car when you go to leave the mall? Or have a hard time finding the store you need to get to in the massive shopping center?

Worry no more – FastMall is an app that’s here to help all of you lost souls. All you have to do is download a map of your favorite mall (or most likely the one you’re heading to), and then you’ll have access to it throughout your trip, even if you’re not connected to a WiFi or 3G network.

The app will guide you through the mall making it easy to locate all of your favorite stores, and if you shake it, it will direct you to the nearest restroom.

You can even keep track of where you parked so you won’t have to worry about wandering through the parking lot at the end of a long shopping day trying to locate your car. You’ll never be lost in a mall of shopping center again with this great, and totally free, app.

Coupon Sherpa

If you feel a pain-staking twinge of regret every time you swipe your credit card knowing that you’re over-paying for something, the Coupon Sherpa app is your answer.

Finally, this is an app that provides you with tons of coupons for purchases of things like books, travel tickets, shoes, clothing, jewelry, restaurants, sporting goods, electronics and more! You can browse general coupons that the app scours the Internet to find, or select from one of its many store-specific options to use at your favorite retailers.

It’s easy to search by shopping category or store name, and it will even locate the nearest store to you. Plus, it’s totally free, so you don’t have to pay at all and you’ll save yourself tons of money!


KeyRing is a handy little app that makes it easy to use your store loyalty and rewards cards when you checkout without fumbling through your wallet or your key ring (ahem, hence the clever name) to find the card itself.

Simply using the camera on your iPhone, KeyRing scans the bar code of your loyalty card and stores it in one place with all of the other ones. You can even sign up for new loyalty programs within the app.

It’s free to download, and it even offers you exclusive access to coupons and specials, plus it makes building rewards points at your favorite stores easier than ever, so you’ll end up saving money when you shop.


Lemon is an app that takes away the messy pile of receipts stacked up on your dresser that are hard to keep track of and that tend to get lost often.

Lemon will scan your receipts and catalog them digitally so you can throw away the paper copy and still have a record of every cent you’ve spent. You can assign labels and categories to receipts to keep track of where you’re spending most of your money.

And if you don’t have a receipt from a purchase (like purchasing a cab ride or something, or you lost your paper copy), you can manually enter any purchase for any amount and file it into its correct category.

If you choose to receive no receipt at all from a purchase and prefer to have it emailed to you, all you have to do is register for an account and have the receipts emailed directly to your app. It’s all free of charge and it will save that scatter brain in you that tends to lose track of purchases easily.


Let’s face it, half the battle of shopping guilt is spending the gas money to actually get to the mall or store you need!

Never worry about finding cheap gas prices again with the GasBuddy app. With one quick click, it uses your iPhone’s GPS functions to locate where you are and locate nearby gas stations. It gives a price point for each gas station to reflect how much gas costs at every single spot.

It’s easy to compare the gas stations closest to you to find the best prices. Oh, this is a free app, too.

Should I Buy It?

You know how awesome it is to go shopping with friends so there’s always someone there to give you an honest opinion on whether or not you should buy something? That’s what the Should I Buy It? app is for!

Just in case you’re ever out shopping by yourself, Should I Buy It? lets you scan the bar code of a product and post it to Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and get the opinions of your friends and family even though they aren’t necessarily there.

The app also allows you to search for a specific product and purchase it from within the app itself. It will also perform local searches for where you can find the product you’re looking for in stores at the lowest prices. You really can’t go wrong with it – and it’s free, so certainly worth the 30 seconds of download time!


The Shopper app is pretty much everything you need when you’re out shopping – all rolled into one place. It allows you to create and organize shopping lists, find and store coupons, scan bar codes and share shopping information and lists with friends and family.

You’ll also get up-to-the-minute notifications on any FDA or USDA recalls on any products that you shop for and the app also includes budgeting help, nutritional information for foods and the ability to take notes and photos of every product.

It’s sort of the all-in-one shopping app to help you stay organized and save time and money. It’s just $0.99 in the app store and totally worth it – you’ll make your dollar back in no time!

Krista Sampson is a freelance writer who pays close attention to her finances. She recently purchased a home and is now financing a Greenfield Center NY mortgage, as well as working to pay down her credit, so she knows how important it is to save money in every little place you can find!

Best iPhone Apps to Lower Your Cholesterol

The iPhone has some amazing apps. Most of them are fun, but others are able to save your life. If you are suffering from high cholesterol, then consider getting one of these great medical apps. They will help point you in the right direction for lowering cholesterol, and best of all, most of them are very cheap.

1. Cholesterol Treatment
This app is made to provide you with helpful information about cholesterol and your overall well-being. For example, it lists all the sources for both good and bad cholesterol, and there is information about how to fix cholesterol when it becomes too high.

There is also information on exercises that will help lower your cholesterol, and how to lose weight and become healthier. This app is only $1.99 in the App Store, and it is definitely worth the buy.

2.Cholesterol Coach
Most people don’t understand the results of a cholesterol test, or all the terms that doctors use when it comes to cholesterol levels. This app is made to educate you about these medical terms, along with what other activities can do to your cholesterol. For example, smoking makes it harder to get rid of cholesterol, while exercise makes it easier.

This is only $0.99, and it also has a graph you can use to understand your cholesterol progress.

3. Cholesterol Animated Pocket Dictionary
This free app has some information about how to lower cholesterol and medical terms you should know, but the best thing about this app is that it lists different foods that are responsible for lowering cholesterol. The app is easy to go through, and it includes a large list of foods, so you are sure to find something that will help your cholesterol problems.

4. BCMon
Better known as “Blood Cholesterol Monitor,” this app is useful for tracking your cholesterol levels. While the app is not quite as accurate as a doctor actually testing your cholesterol levels, as there are variables the app cannot account for, it gives you a good idea of where your cholesterol is today.

This app is only $0.99, and it includes a graph and spreadsheet that is useful for tracking your cholesterol. This is a great supplemental app for figuring out how well you are today, and how well you are doing with your cholesterol levels.

There are a lot of great apps for the iPhone that can help lower your cholesterol. Just pick at least one of them and see how useful it can be.

It’ a guest article by Enrico M. Fortie. He’s a diet coach and writer. He writes about the mediterranean diet cookbook reviews at If you want Enrico to discuss his finds on best foods for lowering cholesterol with you, follow him on Twitter.

5 Best Study Buddy Apps for iPhone

Do you remember the days when back-to-school time meant heading to the local discount store with your parent, picking out a shiny new notebook or two and some cool pencils? Don’t you dare try to do this with your kids today! Beyond the initial supply list at the beginning of the year, students today, especially those in the higher grades, are all about the iPhone apps.

Instead of surprising your child with a folder with a cute puppy on the cover, surprise them by downloading one or more of these top student apps for iPhone onto their mobile device:

1. iStudiez Pro

For $2.99, you will have access to one of the best student organization apps on the market. Keep track of both your class schedule and pending assignments with this handy organizer. With color-coded, detailed entries, you can see where you’re supposed to be next with a quick glance.

2. Evernote

Leave the digital recorder at home! With Evernote, you can take notes, record lectures and take photos. When you’re done, sync your notes and information to your online account for easy access. The app is available for syncing with both PC and MAC, making it a must have for every student. The application won’t replace your notebook and pen, but it will make quick note taking a breeze.

3. Cram

Do you study with flash cards? Many students do. Not only are flash cards a great way to study, but by writing them, you are committing information to memory. The Cram app allows you to create flash cards right on your mobile device and, if you’re feeling generous, you can share your cards with your friends. We suggest having your friends download the app as well and splitting up the work!

4. PI83 Graphing Calculator

If you need a graphing calculator for school, and aren’t restricted by having to keep your cell phone tucked away during class, download this app and save yourself a few bucks. For $0.99 you’ll have access to the best graphing calculator app out there. The calculator can be buggy at times, but is improving with each update. For less than a dollar, you can deal with bugs!


This app won’t cost you a thing but may just improve your reading and comprehension scores by leaps and bounds. Do you find yourself reaching for a dictionary when reading Shakespeare for your lit class? Perhaps those medical terms in biology are bogging you down? Pull out your mobile device and look up the word you’re stuck on. Not only will you be given the definition of the word, but its origins as well!

We hope that pens and notebooks will always have their place in the classroom; writing is an art that shouldn’t be lost. However, keeping practicality in mind, the student on the go simply must have these top five applications downloaded to their mobile device. If you’re a student, or you know a student, grab these and then look for more! It’s never been so easy to find a study buddy!

Mary Baxter is a writer and part time nurse trying to earn her nursing masters online in her spare time.

Smartphone Apps to Improve your Business Operations

Smartphone apps are constantly being introduced to the world of business. Here are some apps that are designed to make all business operations much more efficient, all through the power of the handheld device.

business apps

 1. eSecure

Technology is bringing even security systems into the mobile age via the programmers at Protection 1, always considerate in their innovative development of smartphone apps. This is aimed at security systems for residential homes and businesses of all sizes. The app enables iPhone, Blackberry and all web-accessible devices to monitor office, stores or warehouses with an eSecure video platform.

If anything out of the ordinary occurs within the environment; from open doors to power failures or anything potentially detrimental to the running of the company, texts or emails are sent to alert the relevant parties. We won’t suggest which is the best smartphone for apps, but wherever this app is found it really is a valuable development. The informed user is able to tilt and direct cameras from their smartphone to spot the problem and contact a capable authority. With this app traditional security systems are taken to a whole new level.

2. Trip Track Mileage Reporter

This time-saving smartphone app from Inconosys, as the name suggests, allows the user to track mileage when travelling is required for the job.  There are more labour intensive ways of calculating your distance driven, but this smartphone app just makes life a whole lot easier. The app can be used to export the data from your smartphone as an excel file as well as several others. Just another way that smartphone apps are cutting hours of valuable time off our days.

3.Tax Deduction Tracker 

Here’s another smartphone app from Inconosys that not only serves good news in the form of tax deductible situations, but also makes the process a lot smoother.

The app enables your smartphone to complete all of these operations on the go, whether it’s for charity–related activities or business purposes. Expenses are recorded and you can submit all items to a database, storing images for a time when tax submissions come around, making an otherwise labourious process so much simpler.

4. Intuit’s QuickBooks Mobile  

Small businesses are benefiting greatly from the development of a plethora of smartphone apps that are often specifically designed with their pursuits in mind. The small business owner is regularly on the run and having limited tools to deal remotely with customer and employee issues is no easy task. Increasing telepresence has afforded businesses a lot of time and money and QuickBooks Mobile offers arguably one of the best apps for smartphones, especially in the small business sector.

The app allows business owners to create invoices and access customer data, make changes to it, manage outstanding balances and create invoices. QuickBooks mobile is one of those free smartphone apps aimed at improving quality of work (and life). It is however only free if you already have an account with their parent program – QuickBooks – which it automatically syncs with. So now might be a good time to invest. Now might be a good time to invest

Smartphone Apps for big and small businesses are paving a new path on the route to commercial success. It’s getting to the point where if you’re not using some sort of mobile device and application to better the running of your company, you’re missing a trick. There’s no escaping it – smartphone apps are continually becoming the future.


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Your Phone is the Backbone to Your Business

The telephone has been the backbone of the business world for decades. However, with new technologies entering the market and expanding upon the basic functions of just making calls, it has become more vital than ever before.

As with many things that are used constantly throughout the day, it is easy to take a phone for granted until you really consider the implications of what might happen if you could not make a call for some reason. Downtime can be costly and damaging to the reputation of your business, but with modern communication services you can ensure that you are always in contact, wherever you or your employees happen to be.

VoIP (Voice over IP)

VoIP (Voice over IP) has entered the telecommunications market and helped it to evolve within a relatively short space of time. This does leave those that do not adapt to using the new model at risk of falling behind the competition, so it is important to consider your options and look at incoming technologies to see how you might be best able to use them to help you grow or expand.

One of the reasons to invest in VoIP systems over traditional telephone technology is that you can enjoy a greater degree of scalability when you go digital. Rather than being limited by the number of connections available on an in-house PBX, or investing in an expensive system that you may not see the benefits of for several years, you can tailor a VoIP platform to suit the needs of your business. When the time comes to expand your business at a later date, you can add extensions as appropriate. This helps to both reduce your initial investment and keep you on budget further down the line.

Mobile phones came about well before VoIP was on the scene, but these too have become cogs within an IP-based system for many businesses. You can use VoIP mobile calls to reduce the cost of getting in contact with employees on the move and also make sure that it is easier to monitor and control any conversations which occur out of the office. This is useful if you need to record calls to help with training or adhere to the principles of industry regulation. It is also easier when you need to keep track of your dealings with a particular client. You can reference your phone conversations on a mobile as you might any other form of communication.

VoIP Technology

It is perhaps particularly important to consider the fact that when you are deciding upon a new telephone system, it is often possible to choose VoIP technology that will be backwards compatible with plain old analogue set-ups. With this in mind, you can buy IP-ready equipment from firms such as Avaya and Mitel and then upgrade to a VoIP infrastructure later when you are better able to make a commitment to the investment. VoIP platforms can also operate on computer workstations, with software adding an extra layer of flexibility and user-friendliness to the mix that might not otherwise be possible to achieve.

VoIP systems will offer you all of the same functions of traditional telephone set-ups, including conference calling, call forwarding, multi-line integration, hold features and much more. The fact that they are more cost effective, scalable, future-proof and secure should give you plenty of motivation to introduce some much needed improvements and solutions into the backbone of your business. If you want access to a platform that is not only more unified, but also more stable than anything that has come before, then VoIP is probably going to give you the features you need at a price your business can realistically afford.

The article was written by Daisy communications, who are providers of business communication solutions and telephone systems including Hosted VoIP and IP telephony phone systems to to business customers across the UK.   Hosted VoIP systems from Daisy allow companies to  take advantage of the many advanced features provided by IP Telephony.