Armies of Zatikon TCG & Chess Android App


August 5, 2014AndroidNo comments

Armies of Zatikon: TCG & Chess is an Android game app created by Triceratapps publishing LLC. You will find 1000 of armies of Zatikons that will let you have a wonderful time playing as a warrior.  The app lets you collect units and create your very own army.  Then you are free to deploy the legions by working on a strategy to start the battle with your opponents. You aim to capture the castle of your opponents.

The app includes trading card collectability feature and a number of other chess broad strategies. You have to take over your enemy by using Speedy Rangers using the Powerful Dragon and Pikeman. You can either rush up or advance slowly with Zombies, Necromancer and Skeleton Warriors.

You can make unit with Knights, Soldiers, Angels, Demons, Martyrs, Barbarians, Heretics, and Fire Archers. You will get to have a taste of 100 unique pieces. Whether you are playing a single player or you are playing online 2 vs 2, online player vs player constructed or you have joined together with a friend vs. the computer, you are going to have an epic time and no single game is going to be the same. You can use the relic cards or pieces for adding more abilities in your units. You can use these cards for playing with teammates and even use them for trade control of pieces. There are lots of modes within the game that can let you play the game your own way.  You can play with your friends or against them. Armies of Zatikon: TCG & Chess has a new and a fun strategy waiting for you every time you are ready to play the game.

Features of Armies of Zatikon: TCG & Chess

  • Free to play
  • Single player mode vs the Computer AI
  • Online 2 player vs 2 player
  • Online player vs player
  • Random Mode Play
  • Online Cooperative Mode
  • Over 100 unique units in categories

The turn based strategy and chess together make the game very interesting. The retro style art and animation in the game will make you enjoy everything at its best.