ArkMC wireless photo, video, audio streaming server and video player


March 1, 2016iPhoneNo comments

ArkMC is a kind of “swiss knife” for mobile media. It is full-scale media network app that wirelessly find, stream, and control all your music, photos, images and videos with your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad in a home or local network.


One of renewing features is integration with YouTube in ArkMC. The YouTube integration includes several features like, searching, monitoring, sharing and adding channels to the media device. With this integration, ArkMC makes its way to the social media world.


Using the new integration in ArkMC – watching your favorite channels has never been so easy. Find your channel, select video and watch it on a big screen in your living room or show it to your friends on their own device. Customers using ArkMC may also add channels to favorites, enjoy the newest videos, manage channel list.


You can stream different videos, photos, music to multiple UPnP/DLNA/Allshare devices all over your home network.




Features ArkMC:

  • Compatible with or utilized by iPTV, Allshare TV, XBMC

  • The 100 % UNIQUE YouTube integration offers a “lay back and enjoys” experience. It is so easy to create your personal YouTube channel list.

  • A technologically advanced wireless video player with Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound (AC3 Decoder) * in-App purchase available

  • Manages all multimedia content (including YouTube channels) between DLNA compliant devices within media network over Wi-Fi or remote network access  from anywhere inside network environment

  • Discovers and displays all DLNA compliant devices in the network sorted on servers and renderers

  • Enables wireless browsing through libraries on DLNA media servers and choosing content which then can be streamed to compatible UPnP/DLNA/Allshare renderers without copying or transcoding

  • Allows streaming multimedia content to any UPnP enabled renderers, Xbox360/One, PS3/PS4, or HD TV devices in different rooms all at once

  • Allows you to instantly download media into your mobile device and watch or listen them whenever you want – offline.

  • Multi-playback feature enabling instant sharing of currently played files with any DLNA-enabled devices in the network with ability to control all playbacks at the same time

  • Discovers capabilities of all devices and converts home network into an intelligent media environment with a two-way remote function

Here are the app on iTunes:

ArkMC pro

ArkMC lite

And on Google Play: Android pro Android lite